Improved support for Late iMac. Added new GPU menubar modes. Improved layout in disks dropdown when a disk has multiple partitions. Fixed bug with menubar display in temperature extra. Future releases will require an Intel based Mac running macOS Fixed several calendar issues. Fixed an issue with the calendar month name being incorrect in some timezones.

istat menus 3.24

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Fixed a crash in the Sensors extra in Mavericks. Improved Portuguese, French and Italian localisations. Added optional menu icons to Disks dropdown. Improved iMac Pro support. Improved per process network monitoring in macOS Better temperature and fan support – Better support for temperature sensors in G4 PowerBooks, the latest iMacs and Intel based Xserves.


Posted on Sep 16, 7: Added ability to copy public IP address. Added a graphite calendar theme. Improved support for LaunchCFM application names in process monitoring. Added ability to search for weather underground stations by station ID.


istat menus 3.24

Improved error handling of weather data. Fixed an issue with Czech localization. Improved support for MacBook Airs. Yes, and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, which was a pain because, for some reason, I still had to set all my preferences again, even though I didn’t delete them.

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Fixed a memory leak on some systems. Fixed bug with network usage on newer Macs. Added ability to show notifications based on CPU usage. Reduced disk write frequency of history databases.

istat menus 3.24

Added internet status to network, as a status dot mode. Added support for automatically installing updates can be disabled.

iStat Menus version history

Added new menubar clock format selector. Added option to use base 10 match for calculating hard drive sizes same as Finder in Added options to use bold text for all dual line menubar text modes Yosemite and newer only. Option to group items together for CPU extra.


Improved display of some menubar text modes in Yosemite. Added easier to find Uninstall buttons in extras and preferences app when trial is over. Added more memory details when using Memory Pressure mode. Added white menubar theme for those with a dark Meenus menubar. Please see Using Weather Underground weather stations for more information.

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Fixed some issues with memory notifications not being shown. Fixed issue with HD space calculations. Fixed an issue with some menubar date formats being displayed incorrectly.

Fixed a calendar display bug.