Patrick Fleming The work that needed to be done was beyond the capabilities of most of us on the list. Les Mikesell Post by William Fragakis rpm -Uvh. William Fragakis

k12linux el6

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As much as I hate to admit it, yeah, I’d have to agree with that sentiment now. For personal use, I have the Thinlinc server running on my Linux machine at home, and on my lab servers at work. It doesn’t matter which workstation you sit at, you get the same environment. Patrick On Thu, 20 Oct Post by William Fragakis rpm -Uvh.

This page describes how you can set up a diskless client environment using K12LTSP in your organization. Post by Terrell Prude’ Jr.

Diskless Clients Using K12LTSP

Les Mikesell These days, the “low cost” computer option is to just pick up some good used computers and Ghost an image to the k12linyx. Thinlinc has been almost completely painless. Although this is a commercial package, the free download allows up to 10 concurrent sessions at a time. They should boot up without any trouble and you should be able to do login on them.


The documentation k12llinux never up to date with the software. Brian Fristensky Is the code so broken that I’m not going to be able to do that easily? Our server bit the big one hardware over the summer and I had to rebuild it https: Post by William Fragakis install was around Fedora 5 if that gives you some context.

You do have to sign up to get the download, but it is free under these terms.

k12linux el6

Patrick Fleming I can’t speak to what it costs if you need more than 10 concurrent sessions. I am k12liinux going to migrate to Edubuntu or Debian. New things are installed in one place and then are available to all. LTSP’s goal has been achieved It absolutely didn’t work on 7 despite efforts. If anyone on the list has had a more positive outcome, I hope they can help.

HowTos/DisklessClients/K12LTSP – CentOS Wiki

I can strongly recommend Thinlinc from http: In the install guide http: It is a viable solution for schools and organizations with low resources that want to provide information services using diskless computers and centralized administration.


The desktop client is freely available with no restrictions. That EL7 was 64bit only complicated matters as well for many of us using older clients.

k12linux el6

Once you’ve done with this command, you probably want to look at the files it k12linix in order to customize them. Post by William Fragakis needed to be done was beyond the capabilities of most of us on the list. LTSP works for us.

When you log in it will offer the opportunity to upgrade to a newer release. There is no interest in supporting it and keeping it current. Best regards, William Message: