That shit has to be so right. It’s this literal representation of how I can feel sometimes. Hallucinogen EP by Kelela. He asked Kelela to listen to a bunch of instrumentals and tell him which ones she would like to sing on. Nugget also wrote on that as well. If you’re really on it—if you’re next-level, dude—you’re really just trying to be taken over in that way.

kelela hallucinogen ep

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kelela hallucinogen ep

He and I had a conversation about what was going on with me, and how I was feeling. Cut 4 Me was an incredible halluciongen of work and one of the strongest debuts in recent memory, so topping that would be a huge task for even the most confident musician.


It’s sort of about—I mean, melela obvious. That’s that song in terms of sound. It was based on Kelela’s experience of dating someone who was younger than her. He produced that song, and I actually wrote with a few songwriters—one of them is Jess Glynn, she and I wrote the verses together.

The pursuit was always to take responsibility for how I participated in the relationship and to use the experience to create something completely new for myself.

We wrote the song together and, after, I had a halluucinogen basic drum pattern and asked him to do a basic trap drop at the end.


kelela hallucinogen ep

You have to turn around and you have to go. She is a transparent creator, unafraid of tainting the canvases of her mostly male collaborators with the imperfect, vulnerable contents of her brain and heart. It was my first time working with a piece of gear. And then [producer] Ariel [Rechtshaid] helped bring it to another level. Kelela and Jess Glynn wrote the verses together, the next part Kelela wrote with Talay Rileyand Nugget wrote part of the song as well.

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She asked Nugget to “repurpose the bassline and create a Miami bass skeleton around it. I’m going to stay and hang out with the girl. Retrieved 26 April It sounds very disoriented,” but “also so coherent. He added the delay afterwards—you can even hear him come in halfway through the track. Retrieved from hallucinogeh https: Retrieved 25 April I need to call her right now and see if she’s down to let me use that melody for the bridge!


For information about cookies that are required for this website to operate correctly, please read our cookies policy. In the middle of the club, I saw them hanging out, and we were all chilling. March 3, “Rewind” Released: I think it’s important to be able to let first takes live. I had just started doing something that was new for me, which was improvising on tracks that I had never heard before.


It was my choice to wait on sharing the Arca stuff, because I wanted to go all the way [with them]. I’ve just been into the idea of collaborating with other people who are also artists, even if they’re not in the room.

It was when I first got a VoiceLive Touch, which is a piece of gear that allows you to manipulate your vocals by affecting them and looping and being able to do that simultaneously.

On “Gomenasai,” her cadence is thrillingly angular, while on the EP’s Arca-produced title track she lets her hair down, allowing first-take “gibberish” to cast its own language-less spell. Then, I took both of their parts and blended it together and sprinkled a little bit of Ariel on top of that. It’s been a keela cool journey with this song.