I love mount and blade warband, figured id branch out was hoping for some info. Sound and Smoke FX Mod. What is avalible at a given city or village is a lot more directly. Wish you guys would read not just assume. If you experience crashes, you should lower the battle size.

kengeki gaiden with fire and sword

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To get faction troops you need to be vassal or better of a faction, be given a settlement, and to have hired unit-unlocking staff members and built unit-constructing buildings in a settlement to fie the units that way.

kengeki gaiden with fire and sword

Some like it, some don’t. But that goes hand in hand with how settlement management has been reworked. And well, thanks for proving me right about the jerks.

kengeki gaiden with fire and sword

Don’t even expect to be able to have battles of size even if you have the latest and greatest hardware; that upper limit is that high to give plenty of leeway. But it all goes away if your fief is taken by enemy action or you rebel.

This is an in-game respec mod for yourself and companions, for With Fire and Sword 1. And I could dire on, but I think that details a lot. Dec 4, Can anyone let me know the differences between the 2.

M&b warband kengeki gaiden mod

Donation If you wish to help keep the site running, you can donate using the following button, if you want. Unfortunately, Jace didn’t have the time to finish it so I asked him wnd what he’d already done to continue his work, which resulted in this website. On the other hand, the merchant guilds in safe places mind are important for the late game, where pursuing wars, fief upgrading, and questlines cuts down on Caravan seord without removing the need for an income.


If you hire a messenger, you can recieve messages from other lords almost at will while you’re in your fief. What you or any NPC lord build and who you hire in your fiefs has kngeki very direct impact on what’s avalible in those fiefs and how they play.

Thats the reason, and I know people were on the forumns considering other posts were ahead of mine after being answered and by passing mine.

Little info plz :: Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword General Discussions

We didn’t really have the time for it, though, so I asked Jace for help. A while back, tyrannicide and I had the idea to do something like this. Were left by the devs even though they need debugging. Catholic confederates have retaken much of Ireland. You only said that after 12 hours.

That might seem like a long time to you, but I just got up and noticed Now. Wish you guys would read not just assume. I love mount and blade warband, figured id branch out was hoping for some info. But while the emphasis is like that, there’s nothing preventing you wrong playing as the loyal vassal of one of the two outlier factions, or even playing as vassal of the quest factions without being on the quest.


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At which point they will recruit a given number of the troop you specify every period or so. Gunpowder is the single most dominant feature of the battlefield, and that changes the way you fight and command. All of the mods are listed on the TaleWorlds Forumwhich is also where this website automatically searches for new information every 30 minutes.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. That means that you don’t really have to babysit villages or lose everything you’ve had anymore. Not for all the factions I know in particular because the Crimean Khanate and my favorite Sweden do not have themand Kengski Now that we’ve got that outta the way, let me try and help you.

Mount&Blade: With Fire&Sword Mod List

What are the plans for future features? Thank you in advance. Such as these forumns.