In previous version it was possible to port specific limits for specified ports. These infections might corrupt your computer installation or breach your privacy. In the new version an error message wil be displayed. So there is no need to postpone upgrading to the new version. A new setting in the Server Settings dialog called “Home Root Path” allows this directory to be changed.

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Visitor rules have been extended to allow a host computer’s DNS name to be specified, instead of just the IP address. Exploiting insecure HTTP proxy and SOCKS servers is now the preferred method used by spammers to relay large quantities of spam, whilst maintaining their own anonymity. KFSensor’s detection of stealth scans has been improved in the following ways: New Event type – Scan When a network event can be positively identified as a scan then the event is assigned the event type “Scan”.

KeyFocus announces the world’s first Windows networking emulation honeypot 31 Oct More Listen definitions 24 more ports have been added to the standard configuration in this release. Port specific limits Each UDP port kfsenssor has its own limits. When the limit is reach for this setting then a port scan event will be logged. KFSensor also makes a full packet dump available for additional analysis, using tools such as Wireshark. For Immediate Release KeyFocus, an Internet security provider, announces the world’s first Windows networking emulation honeypot, a key feature of the major new release of its flagship product KFSensor 2.

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This enables port scans to be detected without blocking the visitor. By emulating these insecure servers KFSensor is able to deceive spammers into using its honeypot to attempt to send spam whilst secretly blocking the spam from being relayed to its intended victim. An event with the type Scan is a much clearer indicator of malicious activity than a connection. My software You have not saved any software. fuull


What it does offer is tops in the industry. Multiple probes searching for vulnerable http servers on different ports Screenshot: Signatures – filter on description and type The signature engine has been enhanced to enable it to match special types packets that could not be previously identified. Use the Edit Scenarios dialog box to export or import scenario definitions.

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The system is highly configurable and features detailed logging, analysis of attacks, multiple alerting mechanisms and sophisticated emulations of standard systems services.

To perform the database update, after upgrading to version 4. Kgsensor monitoring of opened ports If another application has opened a port that KFSensor plans to open then KFSensor will automatically listen to the traffic on that port. Kfsenwor Domain Name, added to Scenario This is the domain name used to identify the server to a visitor. KFSensor acts as a honeypot, designed to attract and detect hackers and worms by simulating vulnerable system services and trojans.

It produces a much lower number of false positive alerts and provides far more detail on an attack than other forms of security.

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It has also worked on bit Windows, but there were limitations on certain features and there were a few fukl problems with the network packet captures module. So, you can select the port classes to include between the Windows workstations, server, Internet services and applications, along with Linux services not usually found in WindowsTrojans and worms.


The KFSensor administration console allows events to be filtered and examined in detail, allowing comprehensive analysis of any attack. IP fragmentation KFSensor now handles IP fragmented packets in a better way, stopping the occasional event being mis-recorded because of malformed packets.

kfsensor full

This approach complements other forms of security and adds another defense against the growing security threat faced by all organizations. Improved reliability The reliability of the link between the monitor and the server has been improved.

As well as individual service attacks KFSensor detects and responds to port scans and denial of service DOS attacks and prevents itself from being overloaded.

Reports New reports Two new reports have been added that enable analysis of the new scan event type Top visitor by scan attacks Scan attacks by day Better error reporting The previous version would only show “Report Loading The following options are individually identified: In the Full Enterprise Mode there is the option of sending the alerts from the Administration machine instead of the Sensor machine. Want to discover more? Microsoft have made huge improvements to the security of Windows in recent years and a properly patched modern version of Windows is safe enough to use on an internal network, without taking special measures to lock it down.

kfsensor full