S — Duello C Please also follow 8. Thanks, it seems like the original CD was broken maybe all of them on the market — this is why there are two logs. Thank you for this update! You can find old albums that were excluded from the compilation here. I really love this torrent and thank you for uploading it.

kusemono records wobble trouble

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Stream Sounds — B.


NP records Reg, — Future vocal anthems vol. Can you find it, please? Thank you so fucking much!

kusemono records wobble trouble

Every new update includes as much albums as possible. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

WOBBLE TROUBLE 2 / Kusemono Records

Can you check again? Blasterhead — Killbots -e.

Amount of lossless rips- time relation. Damnit, ETA for recorxs lossy is 4 days, it sucks having to wait for so long: Lolistyle Gabbers — FM Denpa Did it get removed or what? Does this compilation include UK Hardcore artists such as Darren Styles, Dougal and Gammer, Alex Prospect, etc, and if not, does anyone know where their songs can be downloaded?


[Kusemono Records] 08 SakuraSound – HD Vdieos Portal

Im still amazed by this collection also about the Alices Emotion collection, didnt have some of the albums myselfhave missed so many tunes from this category. Big thank you for the updating. Allkore — Allkore Operating System Ver.

And will the next update probably contain most of the stuff from m3 recordss ?

kusemono records wobble trouble

S — cutie breaks e. Ryunosuke Kudo — Fliehen. DAI — Universe Mix. Thanks, it seems like the original CD was broken maybe all of them on the market — this is why there are two logs. Im after for more japan freeform!

kusemono records wobble trouble

DAI — Kick Out!!. Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Blasterhead — Chopping Mall-E. Glad you liked it!

Just have no words to thank you. Thanks a lot for sharing this though, much love from Spain. This yrouble gets updated once a year, but more likely once 2 year.


Is the registration process as hard and complicated as it looks, or should I just try anyways and hope they accept me?

Wobble Trouble 2 | Kusemono Records

I went to Japan last week, and I bought some CDs. M NP records Reg, — Future vocal anthems vol. Outside Tracks C90 C.

You should read the rules and try their IRC interview. I found a lot i wanted.

To upgrade from the 5. Recordingz — Hard Reminiscence vol.