I don’t want to be tied down. Later, I was drawn to Jazz because of its inherent space and freedom. What follows is a fruitful, still ongoing cooperation. How can I participate? During her second U.

lisa wahlandt

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But her ability to adapt and deliver them in front of the Christian Ortner-Big Band was amazing. Two concerts in Esplanade Hall, Singapore’s biggest auditorium. From there on one thing led to another. At the Conservatory, serious musical liaa – vocal training, piano lessons, sight reading, composition – workshops with Jazz greats, plus numerous try-out concerts with fellow students formed the solid basis from which Lisa Wahlandt’s career from now on takes off.

Lisa Wahlandt

What follows is a fruitful, still ongoing cooperation. A German farm losa wondrous way to Jazz Intro: At home, I sang along to the radio all the time. And in the same year, little Lisa from the Bavarian backwoods finds herself, much to her own amazement, in the very heart of that global phenomenon called Jazz music: Spontaneous invitation to come back in As it turned out, the duo Joni and Lisa, with its unusual, ambitiously arranged repertoire from Jazz standards to the Beatles, became a stepping stone in Lixa Wahlandt’s professional life.

Newly inspired, Lisa Wahlandt makes the millennium year with four new CD releases her most productive so far. Singing was joy, was soothing, was help in lonely moments, simply part of my life.


Lisa Wahlandts new project is totally dedicated to an acoustic blend of classic and modern pop tunes with a touch of jazz and bossa nova. That’s just what I’m like myself, as a person and as an artist.

lisa wahlandt

These days, well, I have a feeling as if I’m coming back to my native German Last wahlxndt least – this cool Bavarian blonde has charisma That’s just Lisa and her sense of irony. But all the while this young artist’s heart and soul belong to Jazz.

Lisa Wahlandt – Wikipedia

At home, her father played the accordion a lot, “beautifully”, as she fondly remembers, German folksongs and Christmas carols as well as local polkas and Swing tunes like “In the mood”, which were quite popular in post-war Germany. Singing along to Daddy’s accordion was natural for all members of the Wahlandt family. During her second U. Wherever some boy with a guitar strummed Dylan or Neil Young hits at a party, Lisa stole the show with her already impressive voice.

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With long time partner Mulo Wahland she is invited to Singapore, where both have a solid fan base, where their music is played up and down on public radio, where Lisa, stunned, recognizes her own voice over the PA system while shopping at a mall. Singing as a profession for myself was beyond my imagination. A decisive moment indeed. Mind Games Kind of Swing. Sometimes, especially when visiting her parents out there at the rural home where she grew up, her life’s course as an artist seems hard to believe even to herself.


lisa wahlandt

Then, inthe artist reaches really far: Soon the media, as well as agents and bookers, take notice. Inner City Blues “Stay a while” is a logbook of love-in-song, smooth and soft as velvet, with a subtle intensity, and ever so slightly blue. Lately she thinks a lot about how music relates to languages, both native and foreign: Consequently, her first band was bound to happen: Flying high, reaching far So, in barely a decade the name Lisa Wahlandt has become a fixture among professional musicians, quite in demand for live gigs and studio work.

In Bossa Nova, and contemporary Brazilian music as well, Lisa oisa a new love. A talent sings out But – this office girl had a special talent since childhood: I don’t want to stagnate.

lisa wahlandt

As an adult I added Brazilian Portuguese and French to my repertoire.