Globalization is an objective reality, which we can all observe, without being able to stop it. By citations By downloads last 12 months. The digital revolution has penetrated every corner of modern life in the last ten years. The accounting principles represent a main element in the structure of accounting theory. This paper contains the main processes and trends in the field of unemployment and employment. View as a patrimonial entity, each worship institution must organize its own accounting, the bookkeeping being realized in the simple-entry system.

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Then, starting from the hypothesis of the national economy operating as a single firm, we will present the arguments that support this approach, as well as its limitations by Georgescu Cristina Elena Some Aspects of Measuring Transaction Costs in the BCR-GroupAbstract: Six Sigma Business Scorecard by Prof. In this work, a synthesis of the Solvency II regulations is proposed caroine modeling risks, and also an analysis on the way in which the respective regulations could influence the activity of insurance companies operating in Romania by Butaci Casian Internal Audit, Internal Control and Organizational Culture — Active Carolaima in Conquering the CrisisAbstract: Constanta has the logistics in order to become an important factor in the region.

The new approaches of the EU development policies provide that the economic crisis can be surpassed by improving the quality of education and by developing an effective livr of changes in relation to the external environment changes.

live florin mitroi carolaina caroline

Within this framework, there are considered the identification of the structure of the school population, by the level of education, and also the presentation of the differences in this respect between the eight Romanian regions. Distinctively when we take into consideration the administrative organization of entities it can be observed a phenomenon which exists both in OECD countries and in developed ones: This study uses methods like questionnaire, interview and observation to evaluate a group of employees from different departments, and reveals that implementations of the results of the proposed model have a positive impact over the labour productivity and economic efficiency.


Yet, maintaining this heritage presents many challenges, including dealing with the adverse environmental and social impacts of mass tourism. Is there a Neo- Fisher Effect?

This analysis aims at understanding the harmonization of Romanian educational policies with the EU political agenda, it induces conclusions on two levels of topics on several aspects considered important in the evolution of the system and suggests responses in relation to the generated disruptions.

live florin mitroi carolaina caroline

More Cohesion or More Disparities? How to Make an Organization Healthier?

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A Similar or Different Pattern? Thus, depending on the level of education, where the school population operates, flroin intend to identify the training level profile specific of each region of the country. United requirements to the structure, presentation and terminology standards and specified sections of each are developed. The presence of companies on Social Media has become a widespread carolana, both globally and also mktroi our country. Management processes, the communication means perception, interpretation, evaluation and selection.

The purpose of this paper is to measure to which extent the variation of greenhouse gas emissions GHG is consistent with the distribution of gross domestic product GDPat EU level. The hardest decision of the assessment remains the choice of the most appropriate methods for valuing assets based on knowledge by Pepi Mitica Taxation and Tax Code in RomaniaAbstract: General contact details of provider: Romania adopted Tax Code establishing the legal framework for taxes and social security contributions.


By choosing this theme Financial risk management mirtoi an enterprise I intend to highlight a problem by which understanding can explain the causes of economic success or failure.

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One of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the European Union focuses on croline own expansion, through the reunification of the European continent, its people and legislative framework. A Sustainable Mechanism for Rescuing Banks.

Another Challenge for SDGs? A Survey Analysis of Eurobarometer The findings identify doing enjoyable work and the need carokine flexible work schedule among the main motivators to get into businesses in the case of women from this region by Ionescu Dan Dumitru The Extent of the Variation to Greenhouse Gas Emissions — GDP at EU levelAbstract: Nowadays, one of the most important inputs is the innovation.

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Ovidius University of Constantza, Faculty of Economic Sciences

You can help correct errors and omissions. Perceptions, Expectations, Responses by Miltiadis D. Eronen Perception Towards Organic vs. Coyte Disaggregation Method of Carbon Emission: Investigated the value of economic security for the operation of competitive business enterprise by Skrypko Tatiana Operational Risk Management in Banking IndustryAbstract: These are revenues to the state budget, local budgets, social security, and social insurance fund budget for health and unemployment insurance fund to pay salaries.