The Sturmgewehr 44 is available in game with two upgraded variants and a gold-plated variant. It is powerful but inaccurate and has high recoil, could be switched between “automatic mode” and an erroneous “3-round burst mode”. The models have uncocked hammers, which means they couldn’t be fired in real-life as the type pistols are single-action. Comes with an AT4-CS variant which is available in all game modes. It has lower accuracy and rate of fire than the Desert Eagle, but is cheaper.

m1887 gold cs

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m1887 gold cs

And the bolt will magically locks back during reloads. It has similar firepower and high rate of fire which equal the assault rifles.

m1887 gold cs

golc It has lower accuracy and rate of fire than the Desert Eagle, but is cheaper. The weapon has a Condition Zero model on original Counter-Strike animations. Appears as a free-edition machine gun for players to use.

m1887 gold cs

The shotgun also has an anti-zombie variant called the “Skull”. In any cases, the situation will be investigated, and if the reported player is found to have participated in such actions, their account will be permanently suspended in order to maintain a fair environment for all players to enjoy. The Colt Anaconda is named simply “Anaconda” in game and modified to feed with seven.

The user could usually kills an enemy with a shot, although it is less accurate due to the high recoil. Counter-Strike Series Main series. The M4A1 Dragon has “speed reloading” feature. As in Counter-Strikethe Scout is accurate, quite and light but is weaker than the “AWP” for balance reasons, requiring the user to hit 2 shots to kill an enemy except for headshotsmaking it a professional sniper’s choice.


Some game posters also show a CT operative of unknown nationality wielding an M4A1 attached with an M, an Aimpoint Comp sight, and a flashlight.

gold m [Counter-Strike: Condition Zero] [Skin Mods]

The L85A2 is exclusive to the Counter-Terrorist faction. The first person model of the M16A1 except its variant has the same m18887 as the M4A1, implying that it has reused the incorrect drawing and reloading animations as the previous weapon. As in Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: The Winchester Model is named “M” in game, possibly modeled after a Norinco copy.

The MG3 retains its name in game. It increases the magazine capacity to rounds and has higher rate of fire.

gold m1887

It’s also effect against zombies. The weapon has a similar tactical reloading animation as the AN appearing in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

Comes with a red edition and a variant called the “Balrog-XI”. Another variant is called the “Triple Barrel”, it shares most performances as the css Barrel” except of the lack of a fourth barrel. The weapon also comes with an Anti-zombie variant which called the “Skull-3”.

Appears as one of the assault rifles with the highest rate of fire.

M1887 real pb for cs 1.6

The gols incorrectly shows that bold weapon has ejection ports on both sides which will makes the weapon extremely dangerous to fire in real-lifeand the bolt will automatically locks back after the user removes the magazine, it will only back in position after the new magazine is inserted, thus no manual cocking animations are shown.


When using “Slug mode”, the user can hit targets at longer distances, but the rate of fire will be greatly reduced, turning it to a semi-automatic weapon.

Appearing to filled the lack of firepower of the MP5. It shares most performances as the AWP, but this rifle has different sight reticle. Appear as the most powerful “assault rifle” in game.

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Appears as the one of the most powerful sidearm in game. In mode A, the player will fires the gun by carrying it fires in single onlyaccuracy is extremely low and recoil is high. The Skull-7 is chambered with rounds of 5. Its model is almost gld to Counter-Strike: The safety is modeled on the safe position.