Also added a new feature, if you cast one of this commands: P Have you configured the ini file? P How many characters are you using? I got the same problem -. Can some one please tell me how to edit the codes to make this work on tibia 8. Plz help me to protction my ots from mage bomb tibia 8.

magebomb 8.10

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For example, if you have 10 characters, you have to add 10 sections, like this, at the end of the file, starting from the number “0” and finnishing in the number “9”: Nice program, it’s working on ot servers 8.

I’ll try to find out whats wrong. Forgot, there is no edit button: Usually, you should not edit this. Have you ever magebpmb to read how it works?

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There is a problem in the configuration below? What commands are available? I’ll like to see those videos.


Once configured, what can I do? I’m going to lookup the addresses and try then: Im using Microsoft Windows 5. Ok, I’ll do it when I have some time. If you cast it in another channel that isn’t it will work for all the characters. I think its some failure with the OT server. Anyway the version 1. Check it on the first post!

Hey asta i tried to configure this for a 8.

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magebomb 8.10

To configure propely your characters, you should add one section per char, like this: Thread starter Zulfix Start date Sep 27, Tags 8.

Had you configure the file correctly?

magebomb 8.10

Also, I added the configuration files for tibia 8. First, I’ll want to apologize for the time it took to code it again. Unfortunately I’ve seen quite some corruption already, hope this can magebmob undone.


Asta MageBomb is a command-line based program, it means that it don’t have any windows, and the actions are performed by writing them directly in the tibia client console. As soon as your ‘admin’ doesnt kill players, I’m joining.

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Configure the file magebomb. I need help plx. I post here part of the “Readme. Could you maybe fix your images?

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magebomb 8.10

Thanks for implementing the walk command: