There is no reason any government should be controlled by a corporation just because they built their product. No lock-in, full vizibility. Yes it is important, because if regulators will continue use propriaritary soft, blockchain tech destroy governance institutes much faster. Maintaining public infrastructure is the job of a government. If the governments were more open I would definitely trust them more. This is a great initiative. Imagine you were never in a trade longer than two weeks.

mancini e benatti frases

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Tax payers money should not be used as a vessel for private entities to profit from. People will have a better digital life.

I support this endeavour. Allows free improvements and transparency into the tools we trust every day. Let’s make frasses open and collaborate! Public projects would benefit from issue reporting and pull requests! Tax from citizen should be back to upgrade public knowlegede and free.

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I contribute to free software on weekly basis. Open code would make software available across EU states, cheaper and the source of more collaboration between European citizens. This is so obviously needed, the long term gains will be benafti.


Furthermore I demand, that all authorities refrain from using closed source software! Prou pagar a especuladors. Ich fordere eine Testphase ggf. Kijiji rose breasted cockatoo toronto ont.

mancini e benatti frases

There is no logical reason why public money should be used to fund private software development. A lot of people can learn from code and more people can contribute towards a better codebase. This is important for economical and military security.

mancini e benatti frases

It is only logical, that software which was created using public money should be in public domain. Open Soucre software can be audited thus checked for tampering, improves cyber security, transparency, greater independence from lobbyists.

Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone.

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Open Source hat unser Unternehmen erfolgreich gemacht. Opening the box will stimulate better quality. Quelloffener Code ist ein wichtiger Baustein frasex Transparenz und Gerechtigkeit sicher zu stellen. Should be recognized as a public good and a reinvestment back into the society. Great campaign, I agree it’s wrong to keep publicly funded software proprietary!


Actually it seems so obvious “public money for public fraees that I’m wondering why we have to even talk about it. Totalmente de acuerdo, hoy el Software Libre a evolucionado muchisimo y puede aportar mucho al trabajo cotidiano. FLOSS prevents vendor lock in, foster national independence. Besides that means software planned, engineered and focused on the population demands.

This is the only mancinii for us to ensure we stay up to date and are not being enclosed by private software companies. Citizens should own what they pay.

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It’s definitely time to use the money spent on software collaboratively at least in the public sector. Wie viele Dutch cases bedarf es noch? The government runs off tax money. You can do it!