Fixed issue that may cause OS X firewall warning “Allow” option not to work. This can be useful in quickly comparing voxel values at the same location in two or more viewers. Three interpolation options are provided: When Mango is started a Toolbox is displayed with basic menus for opening images, setting options, getting help, selecting windows and specific control icons. Surface viewer now treats NaN as background.

mango dicom

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When Mango loads a tomographic image it displays the image with body right on the right side of the image Neurological display by default. It creates the executable scripts to run the utilities as well as updates shell initialization files.

Added F-key functionality to Surface window menu items. Fixed bug sometimes causing Save ROI to not work correctly. Mouse scroll wheel can now be used to zoom.

mango dicom

Fixed issue with overlays not being painted in correct position initially if transform is being used. Enhanced support for ROI labels throughout the application. The copy can be pasted into a text mangi. In Mango image voxel values are loaded into a bit floating-point array, indexed using col, row, slice addressing. This can be done using Mango’s Image Calculator see here. This is helpful for imbedding landmarks that track with the image when a coordinate transform is applied.


NITRC: Mango: Tool/Resource Info

Fixed an issue in which using ‘Save As’ would not update the window title bar. ROI and analysis tools now operate on the currently selected image in the image stack shown in the toolbar instead of always operating on the base image: Fixed bug in which Statistics centroid calculation may be incorrect within an ROI for images that contained negative values.

Added option to animate surface. Voxel values for slices falling between the original slices are calculated using interpolation. Additionally, the physical spacing between columns, rows, and slices, and the unit of measure mm for each must be known. This page was last edited on 24 Juneat Without these metadata, the displayed image shape may be wrong and measurement of ‘physical’ distances, areas, vicom volumes is not possible.

Mango (software)

When Mango is started a Toolbox is displayed with basic menus for opening images, setting options, getting help, selecting windows and specific control icons. Any image can be overlaid onto any other image. Statistics table now responds to selection command-Acopying command-Cand deleting Delete keys. Fixed issue found when using Make Stat Image from Time-series for images with slice-wise datascales.


mango dicom

Fixed bug found when reloading raw images leading to an error. When the mouse moves over y-axis area, a selection box appears. Lines and points can be synced with the slice viewer. The viewer now navigates to the currently selected ROI in Time-series if it does not already intersect the current slice. The file menu option Revert to Saved has been replaced with Reload and is now always enabled. Selecting the Quit menu will quit the program if no viewers are open. Fixed an issue when switching to radiological mode, in which the orientation markers would not update until the application was restarted.

Fixed an issue in which two Image Calculator calculations running simultaneously might corrupt each other. Improved surface measurement performance.

Fixed bug in Add New Image: Overlay parameters can be controlled via the toolbox. Added Default, Brain, and Custom presets.