Fusion build tools is a zip file containing the build. Newer Post Older Post Home. Last modified 5 years ago Last modified on Apr 9, 1: Please observe the updated software requirements if you are using. Visit the Trac open source project at http: MapGuide, Map 3D and Oracle blog. Add the following XML code:

mapguide open source 2.5

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MapGuide 2.5.2 Release Notes

You can still mouse wheel zoom while digitizing, panning while digitizing is not possible. Key items in FDO 3. Posted by Jackie Ng at Add the following XML code: I have been continuing to consult with people to help move them to Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server or MapGuide Open Source sourcw let me know if you need help migrating.

mapguide open source 2.5

Finally, add a button in your menubar in Autodesk Infrastructure Studio. The following code will give us a function that will toggle the layer from arcgis server on and off in the current layout:.


There Be Dragons – Uncharted Internet Mapping | Gordon Luckett’s Tips and Tricks | Page 2

It will be a much more pleasant development experience. Measure or ESC key cancellation method is not available. This site uses cookies. Within the same folder, open the Providers.

What’s new MapGuide tidbits: For those who want to use this same Florida Personal Geodatabase, you can download it from: New mg-desktop binaries MapGuide Open Source 2. Visit the Trac open source project at http: Powered by Trac 1.

Release//Notes – MapGuide Open Source

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. MapGuide Raster Workshop 6. MapGuide, Map 3D and Oracle blog.

mapguide open source 2.5

Support for user-defined coordinate system dictionaries. Download in other formats: Subscribe To Posts Atom. Map 3D and Murphs Law. The GDAL raster provider now supports raster re-sampling.

As it means we have plenty of time in the interim to land in this backlog of new features that couldn’t make it into 2. I am using the existing Slate Flexible Layout at: I cannot consider starting a release cycle for 2. If you drag and drop a new layer into your map and it shows up in the middle of the ocean, you have t… twitter.


mapguide open source 2.5

Posted by Jackie Ng at The final release of MapGuide Open Source mapguidf. So we’ve fixed that for this release. Here are the links to download MapGuide 6. Through a mapguude of HTTP chunked encoding and outputting the response as we iterate through the query resultsthe same query in 2.

BIM and geospatial for facilities management is penetrating construction 1 week ago. Method names adhering to common Java naming conventions lowerCamelCase instead of UpperCamelCase MgException and its derivatives are no longer checked exceptions MapGuide collection classes implement java.

So now you have two js files you add to your index. We want to be able to pass parameters to the template like the following.