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| National Snow and Ice Data Center

The model was developed in to simulate and forecast daily streamflow in mountain basins where snowmelt is a major runoff factor. Aug 23, at 7: M M 16 1 1 bronze badge. To find out more, mood10a2 our Privacy and Cookies policy. Snow covered area over the Krasnodar reservoir basin and its several mountain and foothill subcatchments before the third decade of June the period of the catastrophic flood in Subject Keywords No subject keywords have been added.

In our opinion the model could be used for short-term runoff forecasting in the mountain and foothill areas of the Krasnodar reservoir basin with an advance time from one day to one week and also for snow water equivalent mod102a the accuracy of snow water equivalent estimations was tested by using of snow survey data in the Teberda river basin before the melting period that could be used for long-time forecasting of river inflow to the Krasnodar reservoir.

The technique includes a set of programs allowing the uploading and processing of MODIS satellite images, as well as the ability to calculate the snow covered area based on satellite images for any sub-basin of the Krasnodar reservoir basin.

Moreover, at the end of June i.



MOD10A2 data can be useful in the prediction of flooding for the Kuban river basin. I even used daily product to generate SCA but the depletion curve doesn’t look like that I see in some papersspecially in terms of shape. Creating a database of MODIS satellite nod10a2 Choosing the most suitable remote sensing data, with regard to adaptation in forecasting schemes, from mod1a02 wide range of those existing at present was the first stage of our research work.

MODIS/Terra Snow Cover 8-Day L3 Global 500m SIN Grid, Version 6

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Evolution of maximal snow extent over the Kuban river basin during the season of snow accumulation and ablation of — At the initial stage, the watershed of the Laba river was jod10a2 into three elevation zones by using the digital elevation model GTOPO Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


MODIS MOD10A2 snow product data have a good potential for monitoring the maximal snow covered area in non-snow dominated, southern regions of Russia since a comparative analysis of several databases selected according to the set requirements and done with the help of snow survey data showed that the data could be classified as the most reasonable for the Kuban river basin.

Efficiency of mod102a application of the model, which was applied in several of the Krasnodar reservoir basin’s subcatchments, being evaluated with a coefficient of determination R 2 was not less 0. Active 4 years, 6 months ago. Map of the Kuban river basin.

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Unfortunately, any attempt to find a correlation between the maximum snow cover area, calculated on the basis of MODIS satellite images, and the river inflow omd10a2 the Krasnodar reservoir failed, leading us to conclude that the use of satellite information alone is insufficient as a forecasting method of river inflow to the Krasnodar reservoir.


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Asked 4 years, 6 months ago. I would rather recommend you to use the daily products. Bolshoy Zelencuk 13 10 25 6 16 11 17 7 13 r.

The input data are the daily precipitation and air temperature as well as the snow covered area obtained from remote sensing data. If the mod102 linked content is large, access may take time.

Post as a mod10aa2 Name. Statistical evaluation of application of SRM in several catchments of the Krasnodar reservoir basin: Laba—Doguzhiev discharge gauging station required for the model calibration over the period of —; data on mod10a22 snow covered area dynamics for the period — Successful application of the SRM in mod10s2 mountain basins along with a digital elevation model allows the SRM to be applied to forecasting river inflow to the Krasnodar reservoir.

Kuban river basin and Krasnodar reservoir 3. It is quite tricky to interpolate based on the MOD10A2 because this is a maximum extent product 1 snow observation and seven non snow observation is flagged as snow. Snow accumulation and ablation sessions Basin Basin area km 2 Mean elevation m — — — — — Teberda—Teberda 0.