The OS community can also discuss a pull request that is still pending to help find more appropriate alternatives to the solution presented. When responsibly managed, control always remains in the hands of the managing developer. D Thanks and keep it up sir. Originally Posted by niculaita other unpacker. Atlas [i] Total 42 entries: Find all posts by mudlord.

molebox virtualization solution 4.5235

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Thanks for your reply. I mentioned the UI-freeze issue in the post above.

Supports Molebox Virtualization Studio v4. Find all posts by niculaita. The OS community can also discuss a pull request that is still pending to help find more appropriate alternatives to the solution presented. This would reasonably indicate these issues need a higher development priority to make the app more useful and less confusing to new users.

As you said, you do this in your spare time and, when many of us who do the same contribute to the same project, it can get sloution a lot quicker.


December update for unpackers | Life In Hex

But it’s not a magic wand that will solve all the problems immediately. All Packer Protector Source. JPG in the v6. See for example, de4dot. I’ll fix it in my next release. For example, Exe2Aut could work but I didn’t test it myself!

Life In Hex

Since these characters must stay to preserve the file structure, it would seem that some additional path handling is needed to allow the executables to work. Im still waiting for your response.

molebox virtualization solution 4.5235

Atlas [ i ] Total 42 entries: It’s my project and I do it in my free time. Please send me your email at dxbagent gmail.

molebox virtualization solution 4.5235

Thank you, I know. I’ve tried following a Molebox 4. I wonder if you could run these on your unpublished Molebox VS Unpacker.

Or you can do it yourself. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Be nice to me and everyone else.

molebox virtualization solution 4.5235

I tried to unpack the. Xeon3D – at Vitualization do not post any links with your files. Viet Toan – at Find all posts by mudlord.


I do have an unpacker for Molebox 4. If you run that, game works fine too. If not, I’ll wait for the public release.

تحميل برنامج Molebox Virtualization Solution

I thought it was added on the last update, i’ve read the previous images that there was a game file with the same version and was unpacked too.

When unpacking very large files, UI will appear to be frozen until unpacking process completes. Hi, thank you for the update.

The feature was added long time ago but accidentally removed later. Originally Posted by stev. Molebox stuff I have several softs and they are protected with Molebox Virtualization Solution v4.