When I suddenly think of something I need to remember to do, I just open a new browser tab and add it to my list. Yours looks so nice. To be beautiful means to be yourself. Code your actual to-do list tasks instead of using additional lists and still get the benefit of categorizing your lists. I just got a new Fitbit, so I’m more aware than ever that I sit way too much. Ask sloth-goth-studies-stuff a question ask momentum dash studyblr Anonymous. How did you get your desktop on your laptop to show the time and name like that?


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So what’s so special about Momentum Dash? You just need to be yourself.


It seemed really helpful for work. So the website is actually a Chrome extension called Momentum Dash. This is just a post to help all the students out there like me: To be beautiful means to be yourself. Unknown via Momentum Dash I do not particularly understand trolls and the context here but I like the quote. When I am working, my mind is momentumdassh around a ton of momentumdaah bits of information — creative ideas, conversations I’ve had with the team or a client, conversations I need to have, something I HAVE to do today, something I forgot to do last week, exactly how long has it been since I stood up and walked around, don’t forget the dog is in the backyard, I need to mop the floors againwonder what the weather momentumcash going to be like this weekend, I need to call Mom, oh shoot, the dog’s still outside, and now it’s raining Ask smartstudy a question mine asks studyblr studyspo momentum dash fallingtothefloor.


Momentum helps me clear out some of these thoughts so I can focus on what matters most in the moment. If they can do it, so can you. Look for more here.

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If that’s the kind of “cool” you’re into, read on. You can see inspirational quotes, quick links to your favorite websites, and even search Google or Bing right from the dashboard. At the start of my day, I read email, take care of quick responses and create to-dos for myself in Momentum for everything else.


Media Careers Subscribe Contact. Throughout the day I can see my progress and get that dopamine rush when I check things off. Nomentumdash everydaydaybreak a question momentum dash Anonymous. How cool is that?! When I suddenly think of something I need to remember to do, I just open a new browser tab and add it to my list.

Yours looks so nice. What is that website that says Good morning then it has the todo thing pls pls tell me. I organize my tasks into lists:. Create a system that works for you and consider including a “Delegated” task list. That’s one more little way I can be reminded to take breaks and walks throughout the day. It replaces your new tab screen with what you saw in the picture a new background every day and also has a to-do list, the momfntumdash, and a drop down list of links of your choice.


It runs on google chrome as an extension. I love that when I reload my dashboard the next day, the completed tasks automatically move to “Done” and my unfinished tasks remain on my list. You can personalize it with your name, a daily quote, and your focus for the day.

Momentum – Chrome Web Store

Failure is just practice for success. Keep your goals away from the trolls. I have a browser extension called Momentum http: Hack the free version: Well, I’m glad you asked. For example, I just added this magnificent photo to my momntumdash collection. You posted a picture of your laptop and english notes and I just wanted to know what website you were using that was momentumdaxh you what you wanted to work on?

I hope that helps!