Wisdom was a teapot; Pouring from above. Give me your tired, your poor Give me your huddled masses your wartorn??? In late , Smith and her band played a few gigs on the West Coast. Then he put his head in the crux of his arm And he started to drift, drift to the belly of a ship, Let the ship slide open, and he went inside of it And saw his daddy ‘hind the control board streamin’ beads of light, He saw his daddy ‘hind the control board, And he was very different tonight ‘Cause he was not human, he was not human. What is it, Father, that makes me spin around? She also never made an issue of her gender, calling attention to herself as an artist, not a woman; she simply dressed and performed in the spirit of her aggressive, male rock role models, as if no alternative had ever occurred to her. Oh baby, I remember when you were born, It was dawn and the storm settled in my belly And I rolled in the grass and I spit out the gas And I lit a match and the void went flash And the sky split and the planets hit, Balls of jade dropped and existence stopped, stopped, stop, stop.

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Break it up, oh, I want to feel you. Break it up, and I want to go. The artiness and the amateurish musicianship of her work both had a major impact on the ij movement, whether in New York or England, whether among her contemporaries Television, Richard Hell or followers.

Picked up my key, didn’t reply. Baby was a whore.

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I gave you a wristwatch, baby. Little sister, the sky is falling, I don’t mind, I don’t mind. Marching, marching for Algiers. Woah, i never said this would be easy to hold on, But i’m not gonna let it go, And when you cry yourself to sleep tonight, Don’t forget that it’s killing me not to tear you apart. And we marched on toward Algiers. Speeding the american claim: I’m waiting for a contact to call.

We do not eat, eat anything at all. When we dream it, when we dream ciolets, when we dream it, We’ll dream it, dream it for free, free money, Free money, free money, free money, free money, free money, free money. Every night before I go to sleep Find a ticket, win a lottery. There will be no famine in my existence I merge with the people of the hills Oh people of Ethiopia Your opiate is the air that you breathe All those mint bushes around you Are the perfect thing for your system Aww clean clean it out You must rid yourself from these, these animal fixations You must release yourself From the thickening blackmail of elephantiasis You must divide the wheat from the rats You must turn around [and look oh God] When I see Brancusi His eyes searching out the infinite abstract spaces In the [radio] rude hands of sculptor Now gripped around the neck of a [duosonic]???


Ambitious, unconventional, and challenging, Smith’s music was hailed as the most exciting fusion of rock and gree since Bob Dylan’s heyday. Not to hail a barren sky. Smith returned in with Gung Ho, the most aggressive-sounding and socially conscious album of her comeback; the song “Glitter in Their Eyes” also earned her a whtie Grammy nomination. Lullaby a broken song. I don’t want no handout; no, not sympathy.

Dead City This dead city longs to be This dead city longs to be free Seven screaming horses Melt down in the sun Building scenes on empty dreams And smoking them one by one This dead city longs to be This dead city longs to be living Is it any wonder there’s squalor in the sun With their broken schemes and their lotteries They never get nowhere Is it any wonder they’re spitting at the sun God’s parasites in abandoned sites and they never have much fun If I was a blind man Would you see for me Or would you confuse The nature of my blues And refuse a hand to me Is it any wonder crying in the sun Is it any wonder I’m crying in the sun Well I built my dreams on your empty scenes Now I’m burning them one by one This damn city this dead city Immortal city Motor city Suc-cess city Longs to be Longs to be Free Free Free.

All of you and all of me Fluorescent and starry Some of them, they surprise The bus ride, I went to write this, 4: Land LP Listen my children and you shall hear The sound of your own steps The sound of your hereafter Memory awaits and turns to greet you Draping its banner across your wrists Wake up arms Delicate feet For as one to march the streets Each alone, each part of another Your steps shall ring Shall raise the cloud And they that will hear will hear Will hear voice of the one And the one and the one As it has never been uttered before For something greater yet to come Then the hour of the prophets And their great cities For the people of Ninevah Fell to their knees Heeding the cry of Jonah United Covering themselves in sackcloth and ashes And called to their god And all their hearts were as one heart.


Rock’N’Roll Nigger Baby was a black sheep. Total abandon, ooh wah Oh I go into the center of the airplane, Baby gotta go to the center of my brain And my heart starts pumping, my fists start pumping, Got no recollection of my past reflection, So I’m free to move in the resurrection.

We Three Kings From the album “A Very Happy Christmas” We three kings of orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar Field and fountain, moor and mountain, following yonder star. It was the best of times; It was the worst of times.

I am the spring, the holy ground, the endless seed of mystery, the thorn, the veil, the face of grace, the brazen image, the thief of sleep, the ambassador of dreams, the prince of peace.

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Elegie I just don’t know what to do tonight, My head is aching fred I drink and breathe Memory falls like cream in my bones, moving on my own. She was a powerful concert presence, singing and chanting her lyrics in an untrained but expressive voice, whirling around the stage like an ecstatic shaman delivering incantations. Leave me something to live. Spell “footnote to howl” by allen ginsberg Holy! Outside of society, they’re waitin’ for me.

Dream of Life; the film played the festival circuit worldwide as well as art house theaters and was released on DVD. Desire to dance; Too startled to try.