Carnatic music — like any traditional form — has a natya of its own and I wanted to soak in the many ways of expression of that natya. I come from a typical Hindustani music lineage. I was blessed with great gurus; whoever I wanted to learn from, taught me with a certain generosity of spirit. Sep 21, I remember how students of my father, Sri Kumar Gandharva, including myself, would invariably wind up our practice almost always at lunch.

mukul shivputra songs

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I remember how students of my father, Sri Kumar Gandharva, including myself, would invariably wind up our practice almost always at lunch. I regret I dont possess technical insights of classical music,but I sure have a music afficianado’s muse,and mukil PtKumar Gandharva and Pt Vasantrao Deshpande are my Favourites His tambura rested quietly in a room and I never ever touched it. Upload Photos Upload photo files with. Review on Krishna Ninaad – Pt.

Mukul Shivputra and Laughing Kumar Gandharva”. But odd enough, the next day I had to travel somewhere and somehow I never returned to pursue my classes with my Carnatic guru. I was still new and unfamiliar with the practices in their fairly orthodox household. He continued his musical education in Dhrupad and Dhamar with K.


I was meant to open the concert with Raag Marwa. Shivputra, then known as “Mukul Komkalimath,” debuted his first eongs at the 23rd Sawai Gandharva Music Festival being the first in his generation of singers to debut a performance at the prestigious venue.

Notify me when there mkuul a new review. Retrieved 29 August My throat was parched and I needed for it to quench my thirst.

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Shivputra is also known for his temperamental antics on the concert stage, from lecturing his accompanists on how to play their instruments, to showing up drunk to his performances. Forgot username or password? Krishna Ninaad – Pt. Do you do this often?

mukul shivputra songs

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mukul shivputra songs

Please keep up the good work. Ginde and in Carnatic Music with M.

His voice is so beautiful ,as pure as the dewdrops on tree leaves ,as haunting as the crooning of the cuckoo,as delightful as that warms of the cockles of our hearts. His wife handed me a glass full of warm water with some jeera soaked in it.


I’m dissatisfied with my dedication, says Pt. Mukul Shivputra

Support quality journalism – Subscribe to The Hindu Digital. I was 18, and this was many years ago. One afternoon, one thing led to another and my guru and I began to discuss the Pancharatna kritis and fascinated shivoutra the kriti in Varali, he rendered for me, two Varnams, back-to-back in that raag. Medicos across Tamil Nadu lament worsening work conditions. Well, music is my realm, not my universe.

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I come from a typical Hindustani music lineage. Mukul has been treated for addiction at Indore Deaddiction Clinic.

mukul shivputra songs

Related Topics Music Hindustani Classical. Since his teens, Pt. Retrieved from ” https: Sep 21,