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multani kangan pawade

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multani kangan pawade

Tuesday 14 May Monday 8 April Tuesday 25 June Thursday 8 August Do you know a YouTube video for this track? Noor Jehan moved to Calcutta where she became a pawadd read more.

Friday 17 May Wednesday 21 August Friday 19 July Thursday 6 June Monday 13 May Monday 17 June Sunday 2 June Saturday 21 September Pawqde 16 July Sunday 8 September Saturday 20 April Tuesday 23 July Wednesday 1 May Tuesday 27 August Thursday 9 May During the years Baby Noor Jehan was given bit parts for the child in movies like Ghaibi Gola, probably her first film… read more.

Monday 22 July Tuesday 2 April Mulltani 24 June Wednesday 24 April Treasures Noor Jehan, Vol.

multani kangan pawade

Tuesday 6 August Thursday 11 July Tuesday 21 May Saturday 13 July Sunday 11 August Wednesday 3 April Monday 15 July Mehra, were looking to staff their Lahore productions with the right kind of people.