MyTrafficX Pro is only traffic program I’ve ever used Donate to our annual general fund. The other two, for similar levels of traffic had much lower frame rates. I use UT2 and like it even though it hasn’t been updated recently it still provides the correct traffic mix at airports. Hi I upgraded also from MTXpro 5. I’ve been using My Traffic for about 4 years now..

mytraffic x professional 5.4 a

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Eagerly awaiting the discussion, since I don’t own any of the above and might not ever Professoonal in 20s sounds pretty good at least not knowing weather and autogen.

I was surprised nobody had mentioned UT2 uses real world flight plans that follow real world airways for IFR flights until Larry mentioned that. So far, I have to say, my program of choice is Traffic Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. As for framerates, well Mytarffic for me, I fly a lot of short flights miles using both very small and medium-sized airports. That’s the desitiny of a non-maintained program. But i was shock that i didn’t see no videos on youtube.

mytraffic x professional 5.4 a

Seeing one of those planes is even rare, although I hear a few on the departure frequency this is when I fly in Utah, Southern California is a little denser. Its not which one is best. When combined with the freeware Traffic Optimizer, it can also be nicely matched to one’s system capabilities.


I want a way where I’ll land at San Francisco and there’ll be all sorts of airliners parked at the gates and in line for takeoff and maybe a few landing; but once I get further away from the airport and are cruising AI traffic is the least I could worry about.

So I’d suggest to try adding MTX to the myttraffic library and see if that fixes the problem as you said, it should not affect the traffic itself in any way, but who knows? Upload or insert images from URL. Go To Topic Listing. The result is good commercial traffic but sparse GA traffic. The only other thing that comes to my mind is that there is a FS9 format traffic. That’s the trade off.


I haven’t felt any need to make a change. The time now is Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Okay, I will go over to simflight.

FPS seems ok with my mytratfic settings quality of aircraft is not great though so don’t expect it to be Posted February 4, Some of the models are a bit clunky looking, though. I have narrowed my options down to: I do a lot of ATC interaction.


These can reduce your computer’s performance something fierce depending on the “power” of your computer. Please help, I am not a techie and my skills at drilling down into Win7 or config files is limited.

On the other porfessional, if I am just kicking back in my recliner chewing on a chocolate brownie and a cup of coffee doing “plane spotting” loaded up FSX, went to Tower View, and am just having fun professionla the traffic flow at an airportI can turn the gates back “on”, crank up the AI, and be thoroughly amused watching the hi-jinks that takes place in the traffic flows because of the limitations of FSX AI traffic handling.

The other two, for similar levels of traffic had much lower frame rates. And the gates then will be moving back and forth for the AI parked at them too!

mytraffic x professional 5.4 a

Performance over nice models. Posted February 3, Ultimate Traffic 2 has worked very well for me both in terms of providing interesting aircraft professiomal in terms of FPS. UT 2 has the best models and reduces traffic to match your hardware’s capabilities.

mytraffic x professional 5.4 a