Pete D Tech Evangelist. I fixed the issue simply by moving the connection to the Kinect hardware over one USB port. In reply to this post by Henner-2 So unless Avin updates his sensorkinect drivers it is not possible to make the Kinect work with the new versions? Most of it is based on instructions from http: This version supports the keyboard. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:


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I also have a Lenovo T laptop as well with an inbuilt camera.

I got it working but then needed to rebuild my PC, Hi Ziv, I seem to have regressed! I think we should wait till avin has released a new kinect driver. The main game zip file contains two playable versions: Readme and files needed to set up drivers to get your Kinect hooked up.

How to activate Multiple Kinects

It will install current The USB ports on the front of my case however, which are plugged in to the board, allow me to start without any problems. Sorry for all the inconvenience which it caused. Still working on the sources release, will update when ready For more options, visit this group at http: Now you can enable UAC again as well.


On Tue, Apr 12, at 2: USB port location doesn’t appear opsnni matter anymore.

OpenNI + Kinect (getting set up on Windows)

Follow the setup’s steps. We are not aware of any problem caused by the new unstable releases but I would like to look into it.

I did manage to successfully test it on a couple of Win7 bit PCs so maybe something else about your environment. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Without as3server running the Kinect will not be supported, and the game will error out.

OpenNI + Kinect (getting set up on Windows) – Pete D

I’m seeing this exact same issue my log file for XnSensorServer. I tried going back to the stable version.


On the Mac the samples for OpenNI v1. Seems there is NO: In reply to this post by Ziv Hendel.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hopefully they will work! At this stage windows may try to download Microsoft’s drivers from the Internet so it is better to disconnected your modem or at least skip the downloading process using notification bar icon.


How to activate Multiple Kinects | Infinite-Realities

I have same devlice could not start on the camera though the motor seems to fine and I get a blinking green light. Do not forget to remove them in the following order: Then open Device Manager again and click “Scan for hardware changes” from “Action” menu. I could run NiSimpleViewer.

I ran into same error using port on front panel and plugging into port on back of PC fixed it for me. Any help opwnni deeply aprpeciated. So thanks a lot for the tip.


Thx, Will On Jan 9,