They current last release is their Demo V1. Updated resistance freedom fighters, version 1. The quality of African Islands is truly amazing, with a lot of details, new objects, new sounds, awesome areas, immersion is total. The mod is quite tactical since hitting a moving target is extremely hard, and the gameplay is totally different compared to the classic OFP, sometimes charging for hand to hand combat with a bayonet is more efficient than using rifles. The mod also includes several tanks with a second working course machinegun, new realistic mines and grenades. Eastborder with custom Finnish buildings, city layouts and fields.

operation flashpoint fdf mod

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Views Read View source View history. Lot of stuff has been replaced so the patch wouldnt be significantly smaller.

FDF Mod (v) mod Operation Flashpoint free download : LoneBullet

Their work is greatly polished and the ‘japanese touch’ excellent, a lot of details and high textures are applied on vehicles it even creates slowdowns sometimes on average computers and soldiers are also very well done.

Will Be The Full Version.

operation flashpoint fdf mod

It was first released on June 20th, For example if we look closer to weapon realism it’s the best one created so far, weapons are not using high dispersion bullets but are harder to move and aim, reflecting the rifle weight and arms inertia! WTF, it is still stuck at getting file information.


Due to large size of installer.

Updated resistance freedom fighters, version 1. But despite that, it’s a very high quality work and it really worths the try!

FDF Mod (v1.4)

There have been many people involved with FDFmod over the years, who all contributed their smaller and bigger parts. You belongs to east-civilian and your main aim is to get reven Retrieved from ” https: I’ll get this as soon as there’s a 1. Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1. OPFOR units are also excellent, there is more than ! A lot fdv Troops are included in the pack: I’ve downloaded bigger files before anyway.

Mods Invasion Demo. From Bohemia Interactive Community.

operation flashpoint fdf mod

This page doesnt even load, more mirrors please. There are also other vessels that served in the next Gen I’m sure it’s at least as awesome as the previous releases. This pack does not contain any mission.

Operation Flashpoint

With a little more improvement, and more content added, this unique idea would be nearly perfect. Unfortunately, the biggest disapointement with the mod is that it is currently without any English missions included, however it should be fixed soon, and that it is not multiplayer compatible. Invasion Invasion website Latest downloadable version: Same documents are also operahion in FDF Mod v.


To make it briefly, if you’re a WW2 addicted this mod is made for you! There is also a revi Operatkon is the esteemed DXDLL from Kegetys, which enhances the graphics within the game through use of post-processing and by forcing trilinear Cold War Crisis, Operation Flashpoint: There will be one right?

operation flashpoint fdf mod

Posted June 16, Troops in formation rather then stealth, inaccurate weapons with long reload times and bayonets. This mod gives an agreeable change of scenery from usual “US vs Rest of World” confrontation, and even if this mod is still in beta stage opsration since has several bugs, it is very very promising, their authors had a lot of excellent and innovative ideas!