Performance Tuning Progress DataDirect management of packet-based network communication provides unsurpassed packet transport, network round trips and data buffering optimization. The driver supports failover. The maximum supported length of identifiers has been increased to bytes when connecting to Oracle 12c R2 You will now be prompted to login to the Oracle database. This change has been implemented to reflect the new maximum length supported by the server.

oracle merant odbc

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The driver has been certified to use Oracle Internet Directory as a means to store authentication information.

oracle merant odbc

The driver supports the core SQL 92 grammar. Performance merznt on the implementation of the interface. The default value for the Data Integrity Level connection option has been updated to 1 Accepted.

Read Next What’s new. Excel will also directly read HTML-formatted tables, which can easily be generated from sqlplus. Global Sites Germany United States. However, if you are using an ODBC driver that provides encryption, you can increase your level of security.

Oracle ODBC Driver for Unix / Linux & Windows – DataDirect Connectivity

There are several ways to extract data from Oracle and load it into Microsoft Excel. We live for your next big customer. Global Sites Germany United States. No massaging or local processing is done on the statement, it is passed to the database server AS IS. Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing.


oracle merant odbc

My experience, however, is that ODBC can be extremely slow!!! EXE program that comes with your ODBC driver to ensure that all your connections are properly configured and that you can connect to your data source.

Powerful Oracle ODBC driver

mernt But you have to always be aware of the kind of SQL that is made by your front end tool. The ODBC drivers then use the underlying network protocol eg.

When you create queries that fit within regular SQL the query is processed on the server and only the result is transported over the network. Right click; select link table. To use these algorithms, specify their values using the Data Integrity Types connection option and enable data integrity checks with the Data Integrity Level connection option.

The Oracle driver has been enhanced to support the following new data integrity algorithms for Oracle 12c and higher: Select your data source, file or machine note the type you created earlier.


This improves performance, but the resulting dynaset is not updatable. This is very fast. The resulting spool file data.


Support for the Oracle 12 and 12a authentication protocols, which provide improved security. The steps that we are using here can easily be applied to any of the other data sources that we support. The data source definition screen will appear. Since any front-end tool can effectively connect to and modify your databases, you need to enforce security at the server level. If you develop oraclle that will run on different databases, you might want to limit yourself to level 1 ODBC calls.

Support for returning implicit result sets from stored procedures. This will open the Data Source dialog box. The driver supports advanced meramt features, including SSL data encryption and Kerberos authentication.

oracle merant odbc

Blogs Release Notes Supported Configurations. Define the data source name and other information as it pertains to your configuration.