The record lock types are incompatible. The MicroKernel router encountered an internal error See Multiple users can read the same cached file pages simultaneously and their operations can proceed on independent cores. The MicroKernel router encountered a semaphore error. Cannot create DDF files for the bound database. Run Btrieve and Pervasive.

pervasive btrieve

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CFG file See Procedure already exists You are trying to create a stored procedure, but a stored procedure with the specified name already exists. Specify the name of an existing trigger and try the operation again.

pervasive btrieve

The MicroKernel detected an internal transaction error. SQL i uses essentially the same architecture as Pervasive.

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File share violation There was an attempt to open a file that is read only or the specified user does not have the proper rights to open the file.

Btrieve was also more expensive than dBase, although run-time licensing was free of charge. Bad table name The table name is either too long or null. The maximum number of user count licenses has been reached.


The Btrieve (Pervasive.SQL) Driver

The archival log for the specified file is invalid See Trigger already exists The name that you specified for a trigger already exists in the dictionary.

Drop last column Cannot drop the last column of a table.

Actian Status Codes online. The Pervasive Network Services Layer encountered a permission error. Beginning with version 6. Select another name or remove the current view definition and try the operation again.

pervasive btrieve

User already exists A user with the specified user name already exists. They had minimally promoted Btrieve, largely due to the delay 24 months in releasing version 6. DLLa loader and requester interface. Record the steps taken to get this error and notify Technical Support at Pervasive Software. perasive

pervasive btrieve

The database name must be unique; the specified database name already exists. An unknown error was encountered either creating or accessing a semaphore See Check the user oervasive and try again.

Advanced tracing support for easy troubleshooting using pevrasive trace or trace API. The MicroKernel does not allow the attempted operation See However, if you have valid but inaccurate information in the DDF e. Invalid date The format used for the date is incorrect. Specify a group or user name between 1and 30 characters.


Btrieve – Wikipedia

Cannot revoke synonym privileges You cannot revoke privileges to a synonym; you must revoke privileges to the group the synonym refers to. No more file handles While trying to open a file, a handle was not returned.

No such column The column specified does not exist. Full support for Btrieve-style locking outside of transactions. The MicroKernel router detected an incompatible network component See Brtieve column cannot be renamed and modified You cannot rename a column and modify that column at the same time. Specify a password between 1 and 8 bytes. To determine the size in bytes of the fixed-length portion of a record before pervsive attempt to create a new table, you can use the following calculation: If you receive this error code under such conditions, then you can proceed on the assumption that your first create index operation was successful.