Sign up using Email and Password. Here are the ones we prefer and why! As such, Pipelight is really a wrapper for the most part. Let’s find out which Linux desktop environment suits you best. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Cast ubuntu sound to chromecast. Video editing software KDEnlive.

pipelight linux

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In fact, it will be deprecated by After you’re done with the guide run: If you do go this route, you should keep your guard up!

pipelight linux

If you try to enable such a plugin, you will get an error tell you to execute sudo pipelight-plugin –unlock pluginname List of plugins which are available linus Pipelight are: But now, it’s safe to say that Java has lost its shine, and Google is about to drop support for it in Chrome.

Run Chromebook in Ubuntu.


Wireless Accesspoint with Ubuntu. Berryboot on the Raspberry PI.

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This is where the Pipelight project comes in. Indicators for Unity and Gnome3. Scroll down for the next article. Move Windowbuttons to left or right in Unity 2d and 3d.

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Asked 2 years, 8 months ago. For installation in Ubuntu, just add the ppa using the commands below. Don’t forget to close firefox prior to starting. Sign up using Email and Password. Shut down or Reboot from terminal. For installation in Ubuntu, just add the ppa using the commands below sudo ,inux ppa: Choose the correct filesystem.

Pipelight – Wikipedia

A lot of content these days are completely plugin free, with only things such as old games and businesses really requiring them. Looking at the availability chart of important quality plugins, Linux users might feel that they are really losing out a lot of web goodness.

Google Calendar in Thunderbird 7. Pipelight helped to solve this problem to some extent, letting you install Windows only browser plugins such as Silverlight on Linux.


Enabling a plugin is as easy as executing the following command in your terminal: ZX emulators in Ubuntu. Perhaps the end of Pipelight was meant to be. Countdown to a new Ubuntu on your android smartphone. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Copy images in Nautilus.

pipelight linux

Copy all installed programs. Cast ubuntu sound to chromecast. Sign a PDF document without printing an scanning. Recreated ZX Spectrum in emulators. By using our site, you ppelight that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Install and finetune Ubuntu