A rough first cut can be made directly in ClipHouse. Playback after shooting Directly play back footage from camera media Inspect your footage for focus and exposure Color correction and grading Color correct your RAW footage Adjust exposure, white balance and tint Refine your image with sharpness and contrast Apply a creative look with soft contrast and shadows and highlights tint. But, also our individual understanding of raw is not there yet. Skip to main content. Download the trial and check it out The clip library includes folders for import events as well as smart folders.

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Search the Knowledge Base Where can I find beginner level tutorials that can help me perform the same tasks this program aims to accomplish using Resolve in conjunction with Premiere Pro? Worked fine with Toby’s DNG files.


Copy camera media from camera volumes to multiple disks cliphousf checksum verification. No it does not, Joe. From film set to postproduction, Pomfort enables cinematographers, camera assistants and DITs to maintain control over the organization of movie data and the creation of camera looks. Anyone else notice this, or am I missing something? Ok fantastic, now get those lovely cameras on the market so we can buy pomforh I think it can batch process clips too. This is a big deal.


The clip library includes folders for import events as well as smart folders. Reason I ask is because its going to be a 3 week shoot and two weeks in post before delivery – yes, Pojfort know – so time is absolutely crucial here on all levels. Every camera manufacturer writes it capitalized.

Introducing Pomfort ClipHouse: The RAW Processing Software We’ve Been Waiting For

Arri Amira works the other way The clip library is not available in the copy and export rooms. Some of our customers: A rough first cut can be made directly in ClipHouse. The following options are available:.

It is possible to export the clips to multiple destinations at the same time with custom settings for each destination. Here’s what you can accomplish in the four rooms in the software: Create, open, rename or delete projects.

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Find graphics, logos, screenshots, photos at: The playback controls are pomtort same as in the Organize room. To set in and out points simply hit the I and O keys in your keyboard.

The godfather of modern filmmaking? No, it’s just ignorance. It’s a piece of software that claims to be a one-stop solution for all of your RAW processing needs.

Pomfort Cliphouse !

Very few transcoders allow you to select your debayering algorithm, I think the Sony one is the only one I know of. Organize Browse through the clip library, watch clips, and inspect metadata.


Custom folders can also be created by this method. For whatever reason, I’ve generally had better luck getting what I want from that vs.

Pomfort to unveil ClipHouse – The surprisingly simple RAW processing software

Hi Joe, To me, since Resolve does not support my mac mini though it is the newest one availablethis new software is a god-sent. Sadly, I didn’t have any C-DNG’s stored on my computer, so some options are grayed out, but this should give you an idea of how intuitive the software is. ClipHouse has a function where you can type in the export resolution you would like, and you get to choose how the clipouse get’s there, IE it get’s cropped or it get’s resized, and how it’s resized.

Pomfort specializes in developing high-quality and cost-effective software products for file-based camera workflows.