Abstract Southern chinch bug, Blissus insularis Barber Heteroptera: A language and environment for statistical computing. Adaptation from standing genetic variation. Bands with a peak height or greater and 70 bp or larger were scored. From four combinations of oligonucleotides, a total of AFLP fragments was obtained, where

popgene version 1.32

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popgene version 1.32

All restriction enzymes, buffers, and ligation components were supplied by New England BioLabs supplies www. However, after 14 years of commercial production and planting, the resistance of Floratam to B.

Conservation of newt guilds in an agricultural landscape of Belgium: Microsoft window-based freeware for population genetic analysis. The reactions were conducted following the same cycling conditions: Huff 2e. Characterization of the Enriched Microsatellite Library A total of clones were isolated and sequenced bidirectionally. These data provide a baseline that will support the development of additional probes for the isolation of new microsatellites in P. Journal of Insect Science 6: The leaves sampled were in an intermediate age, with green color and less rigidity than the mature leaves.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution. Genetic differentiation in winter pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa — wilkinsoni complexinferred by AFLP and ;opgene DNA markers.

popgene version 1.32

PopGene32, Microsoft Windows-based freeware for population genetic analysis, version 1. They note that, for many weed species, the establishment of new populations in new habitats is done from just a few individuals, which may initially lead to decreased genetic diversity within the population. The percentage of polymorphic loci found in this study is higher, but comparable to that described in other studies with weeds.


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Rong-Cai Yang – Google Scholar Citations

Analysis across all five of the populations also revealed high genetic diversity value of 0. In the present study, the level of genetic variability in B. University of Alberta, Limitations, lessons, and new directions.

Inference of population structure using multilocus genotype data. Pre-amplification of DNA template. These authors also stated that the percentage of polymorphic loci in a population gives a direct estimate of the level of genetic diversity.

POPGENE, version 1.32: the user friendly software for population genetic analysis

For visualization of the genetic differentiation among the individuals of A. As expected, a phylogenetic neighbor-joining tree based on Euclidian-squared, pairwise genetic distance of 46 samples of B.

These markers constitute a powerful tool for verwion study of P. How to cite this article. Introduction Chinch bugs Hemiptera: In addition, the existence of higher interpopulation and not intrapopulation variability suggests the existence of low reproductive rate spread and perhaps low efficiency in seed dispersal and pollen, which corroborates 132 low gene flow values observed; however, this needs to be verified by studies that determine the reproductive biology and the species dispersion system.


Acknowledgements This work was performed using the new faculty financial support provided by the Texas AgriLife Research. Arrabidaea bilabiataknown as “gibata” or “chibata” is a 1.3 weed, adapted to various environmental conditions; it is the most important toxic plant for herbivores in the Amazon River floodplain areas.

In the present study, N m values were high in two tested regions, Texas and Florida, Table 3 suggesting high gene flow from events such as interbreeding and migration.

POPGENE, version the user friendly software for population genetic analysis – ScienceOpen

Blissidaeis the most destructive insect pest of St. Genome-Wide analysis of microsatellite polymorphism circumventing the ascertainment bias.

Numerical Taxonomy Systemsver.