The platform offers its users a wide range of lessons in podcast format that delve into Portuguese grammar and explore the rich culture of Brazil. They then go through and translate the dialogue line by line before discussing any grammar points, vocabulary used and the cultural setting of the dialogue. They are very useful and it is worth exploring the extensive list. Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclaimer. After that, the dialogue is played exaggeratedly slowly so you can clearly follow the pronunciation of each word. Having only previously used Memrise and Duolingo to learn Portuguese, I was pleasantly surprised at all the platform had to offer.


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I found this to be a really helpful feature. The way the presenters delve into grammar and the vocabulary used is very helpful. There is a huge range of content on the platform which is fun and interesting to explore. The platform offers its portuguesepod110 a wide range of lessons in podcast format that delve into Portuguese grammar and explore the rich culture of Brazil. The intermediate and advanced levels are very successful at immersing the learner in Brazilian culture and they really do prepare you for all situations.

The gradual progression from beginner to intermediate to advanced was well done and well-thought-out although writing and speaking Portuguese was largely neglected throughout the lessons.

Portuguesepd101 consistent problem though is that writing plays only a small part in all of the lessons. I found it quite hard to use the platform. They explored a lot of different subjects and the progression in difficulty from beginner to advanced was portugueseod101 to see. If you find that the beginner level is too easy for you, you can instead select a higher language level. They are very useful and it is worth exploring the extensive list. This is almost exactly the same as in the intermediate lessons, though here more Portuguese is used during the conversations.


It sometimes came as a surprise to me when Portuguese would randomly start playing from across the room. These are not just individual words but also useful phrases.

If you explore the vocabulary list of each lesson you will see that every new word has its portuguedepod101 next to it.


That being said, I do think the range of content on PortugesPod is very useful and well worth exploring. The in-depth exploration of grammar points is very useful.

They look at a huge range of topics and real-life situations that will come up. You will find information on anything and everything ranging from how renting works, to setting up a bank account and ordering office supplies! Good progression from the Beginner modules to the Advanced lessons.


Learning a language doesn’t have to cost money. In these later lessons, a translation of any new vocabulary is available but grammar is no longer explored and from what I could see, it is mainly Portuguese text present in the PDF. You can also take a quiz to see if you remember the content and how to spell words. While the Beginner lessons are mostly in English and focus on grammar and vocabulary, the Advanced options are entirely in Portuguese.

‎Learn Portuguese | PortuguesePodcom on Apple Podcasts

There are lots of different audio lessons available at each learning level and they certainly do cover an incredible range of topics and scenarios that you are likely to encounter if you visit Brazil. The beginner and intermediate levels focus a lot on grammar while the advanced lessons offer an in-depth exploration of different parts of Brazilian history and culture.


You would probably want to complement PortuguesePod with another resource, however, to improve your writing and speaking skills. Sign-up to get a huge list of free resources tailored to the language you’re studying. I had no preconceptions of what PortuguesePod would be like before giving it a go. It offers engaging video lessons that are more like a TV show and will help you understand Brazilian culture.

PortuguesePod101 Review – Great for Beginner and Intermediate Students

On Memrise and Duolingofor example, you do learn vocabulary but in a disconnected manner and there is nowhere near the same emphasis placed on grammar as with PortuguesePod There are several options for subscription length, all the way up to two years.

On top of the lessons, there are a huge number of vocabulary lists that you can access. I also received quite a lot of emails from them encouraging me to sign up. This feature is not a part of the Basic subscription plan, only the Premium and Premium Plus plans. They go into a lot of detail throughout the platform and that is what makes it such a well put together and valuable resource.