Some of the parameters are changing rapidly in a given time unit while others change less often. This option will speed up the http connection. The frequency and timing for downloading is configured in the Download Schedule Configuration. It provides full functionality and quick access to research, analysis and visualization of recorded data. If you wish to change the user name here, then it also must be changed in the firmware. Adding a Site guides you through a step-by-step process of adding a Site to a Server. Moving Components guides you through the process of changing the logical location of Nodes and Sites with drag and drop convenience, to parallel a physical change.


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Reactors designed to limit the inrush current which may develop in the capacitors during power up, avoiding damage to switching elements, fuses, and capacitors.

Open a Command Prompt window 2. PQScada Sapphire is an open and fully programmable platform, designed for tuning and easy integration with a variety of measuring devices.

For a Video demonstration of downloading files to the Incoming Folder.


All of the following can be performed on a Site: It is possible to limit the number of files using the Pascada Results. A task that needs to record a voltage dip event, providing both the RMS Voltage and Frequency values during the eventthe template is the place where the user defines the desired values.


PQSCADA Version Full User Guide |

By using templates, you can save the time of redefining all variables across multiple tasks. Allows you to disable all of the notifications that were collected from created task. The browser button allows you to search for an available database servers.

This action may be carried out for the Server only. Software 3 products available. Note the Save Settings box is selected which means that all parameters will be retained for all future nodes to be added to this server. Set the pqsdada start and end time. This is especially true as the size of the database increases over time. The Tool Bar contains certain specific functional icons specific to the active console.

PQSCADA Version Full User Guide

This newly added operation automatically compacts database files with “null row values”. In view mode there are no functional buttons therefore all functions are done by right clicking the Component Site A in our example in the viewing area: All of the following can be performed on a Node: Right clicking the Notification entry allows you to select or de-select all notifications entries.

By using Templates, you can save the time of redefining all variables across multiple tasks. This operation allows pqscaada to swap data between two different voltage phases and neutral, as well as, current phases.

The image can now be viewed on the MAP page. Change this setting if you would like to see all dates and time according to a different time zone User Defined Time according pqscadz GMT. The data processing takes place in 2 stages – namely: The Add Server Dialog Box appears: Power Quality Analysis Products. The data is processed and organized for quick access and storage.



The following functions may be performed on the Server: Access for a complete Video Demonstration on Creating Tasks and Templates 98 Tasks Tasks are pre-defined functions that allow you for instance to set regularly scheduled exports; or reports according to a specified event or time trigger monthly, daily, weekly, and fixed. The third widget is systematic and it displays system messages or alerts related to the drive state, and through the link is easy to do further research.

G4K Power Quality Analyzer.


Node Configuration Each Node can be individually configured to collect data from the device according to pre-set parameters and pqscadda. Configure the Database Settings by selecting: The images can be placed anywhere on the background image MAP by simply dragging and dropping with the mouse.

Accessing the incoming folder allows you to manually download Pqscasa files from any location on your PC or external location into the incoming folder instead of from the device.