Create energetic videos with a variety of different intros and outros. Intuitive Animation Controls ProText: Choose from presets that animate in very creative reveals. Control the color, length, and width designs with color wheels and sliders respectively. Pro3rd Basics provides video editors with on-screen controls to adjust the scale, position, and rotate of presets within Final Cut Pro X. Easy to use, browse the ProIntro:

prointro basics

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FCPX Plugin Developer Releases Prointro Basics | Art of the Guillotine

Intuitive Animation Controls ProText: Text Animations with ProText: Vivid is designed to help with the production process, making editing titles simple and fun for all FCPX users. How do I re-time this plugin?

prointro basics

Change the color, manipulate the opacity, and tweak HUD elements. With on-screen controls, Basics users can manipulate the overall position, rotation and scale of presets with absolute ease. Editors can determine the scale, opacity and width of title elements with the drag of a mouse.

Lawrence Jordan joins Gordon to discuss editing, 2-pop, and his new venture Master the workflow. ProDicator HUD features 30 self-animating presets with technological elements including binary code, random bars, and simplistic lines. Browse All Articles 12 Articles.


Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg receives Amnesty International’s top honor of Listen to the scientists’. Each design features only the essential title elements needed to create the effect of a smooth and simplistic opener. Part 3 0 0 0 Tutorial Report Share Save.

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Greta Thunberg, activists urge Congress to act on climate change. Manipulate up to 6 custom masks and play with presets with row, column, and spread options. Intuitive Camera Controls ProFreeze Splatter utilizes intuitive camera sliders to kinetically animate the subject cut-out.

We have free resources for you. Users can further their ability to customize the presets with various controls and options. From the creators of Angry Birds: Pro3rd Basics provides video editors with on-screen controls to adjust the scale, position, and rotate of presets within Final Cut Pro X.

Choose from styles with smooth animations and basic title elements including boxes, lines and accents.

Description Introductions with ProIntro: Reveal Volume 2 appeared first on Pixel Film Studios.

ProDicator will automatically animate itself in and out at the correct speed. VFX Pros Tell All, a dynamic new initiative created in partnership with Autodesk, worldwide leaders in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. September 27,7: ProIntro Basics will do the rest.


Vivid focuses on quick and smooth animations that compliment each other. It’s been two weeks since the dome descended upon the sleepy town of Chester’s Mill, whose inhabitants prountro still struggling to survive with badics running. Adjust the posterization levels to alter the rigidity of the colors within a given scene.

ProIntro Basics

Layouts accommodates to text of any size, scale, and tracking. So, let’s put them to the test. Essentials features intuitive controls that allow nasics to adjust the essential elements of each unique preset.

Next alter the text, colors, and element length settings to achieve the look desired. Create the perfect vivid look with ProIntro:

prointro basics