Side Plugin Offhand Toggle 1. Side Plugin BendingTournaments 1. Techniques range from using Earth to guard yourself Armor and Walls , using Earth to launch yourself, digging, blasting earth at other places, and much more. Add the JitPack repository to your build file gradle maven sbt leiningen Add it in your root build. Comes with the Lightning and Combustion subelements. We are always eager to see active developers in the community making pull requests to ProjectKorra and invite you to do so. StrangeOne Jul 13,

projectkorra plugin

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Simplicitee Dec 21, Sam Aug 18, Airbending Specializes in mobility and defense. StrangeOne Aug 15, Side Plugin BendingParty 1.

projectkorra plugin

Jackson Mar 17, Increases speed, decreasing rate of hunger, and takes no fall damage. Side Plugin ClassicCreeperCharging 1.

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Very little mobility and defense. StrangeOne Apr 13, ProjectKorra Side Plugins Add it in your project. Add it in your build. Configuration The ProjectKorra Core configuration will have its own wiki page explaining all that you need to know.


PhanaticD Sep 9, Additionally, the ProjectKorra API allows developers to hook into the API to create new abilities and place them in the Abilities folder, making for easy installation of new abilities.

ProjectKorra Side Plugins

Allows every server owner to customize the server to their liking and create advanced setups. Jackson Oct 16, A custom interface that allows you to manage your bending with ease.

projectkorra plugin

Chiblocking Specializes in bare handed combat. Battle others with your Bending Chain abilities together to perform unique Combo abilities. We just ask that all incoming pull requests be made to the wip branch and that you try your best to adhere to our pull request template.

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Side Plugin ChiPack 1. Firebending Very offensive playstyle. Can block a user’s chi, temporarily disabling their bending. Side Plugin TorrentRedirection 0.

Comes with the Flight and SpiritualProjection subelements. Oceans are perfect for Waterbenders.

Categories Official Plugin Releases Subelements are also made available. Side Plugin Spirits Beta 1.


Takes less fall damage, jump higher, and run faster. StrangeOne Aug 21, Each discipline has its own page dedicated to it, below is just a brief summary of what each element is capable of doing. Not very good when it comes to defense. The ProjectKorra Plugn configuration will have its own wiki page explaining all that you need to know.