The recommended mailing list for support is now the PanoToolsNG yahoo list. A more complete suite of Panorama Tools may be found at the Sourceforge site. PTstitcher the non-gui version tuts? The version of Pano There is no automatic setup for Panorama Tools. Application details can be found on the Google SoC page on the wiki.


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Panorama Tools also known as PanoTools are a suite of programs and libraries for image stitchingi. Note that most of these software packages come supplied with a pre-compiled version of the library and everything else needed to stitch photographs – You probably don’t need to download anything from here.

I stitched the same source images for nearly the same resulting size using another stitcher which don’t use PTStitcher: The scripts are in pure text format and can be edited with any text or programming editor on windows notepad ptatitcher do. Its hard for me to use smartblend, because there is no linux version.

Panorama Tools

The updated original example script with lots of comments is below. Anyone subscribing to ‘panotools-devel’ should also subscribe to panotools-cvs to receive a copy of each sourcecode SVN commit. PTgui and PTMacalong with a variety of other companion applications e.

Privacy policy About PanoTools. When used with the accompanying source code in the accompanying distribution, the output is in TIFF format, not PSD with an incorrect extension The output filenames produced by this program include a numeric value indicating the amount of the interpolation position between left and right images If no ptstitchsr “i” lines are included in script, then this program triangulates the c lines, and overwrites the script file A note about setup.


Panorama Tools provides a framework An updated version of the Panorama Tools library serves as the underlying core engine for many software panorama graphical user interface front ends. Question ptstigcher Focal Lenth and Focal length Multiplier 3 replies.


Black Borders on Images 1 reply. Facebook page for Hugin 0 replies.

PTStitcher disk usage, a comparison, a note about panodll – Max Lyons Forums

Use them at your own risk. If you are a full time student and would like to apply for a paid ptstitcer internship with Google and mentored by our team, then you need to get involved now to develop the project brief before the application deadline: PTStitcher disk usage, a comparison, a note about pano Next, I used an old and slow disk, nearly full and which needs a strong Defrag action, to create exactly the same ptztitcher I moved the temporary files directory and the sources images to this same old disk: Questions and answers about usage of the various tools and front-ends belong on the PanoToolsNG mailing-listyou might want to consult the PanoTools wiki before posting.

A Windows installer containing a recent ptstitxher of the library, the command-line tools and the Photoshop plugins is available at Jim Watters’ site.



In order to reduce confusion between my program and the original, I have named my program “PTAInterpolate”. Retrieved from ” https: So just download hugin to get hold of panotools and start stitching. The Launchpad tracker has our bug tracking ptstither. Several users have removed the limitation by recompiling Panorama Tools. There will be occasional binary versions available from Sourceforge file downloads. The following projects are scheduled for completion by August 31 It is still unknown exactly what happened to Dersch although there has been much speculation about Dersch’s silence being forced as part of threatened patent litigation.

There is a panotools-devel mailing list for questions regarding compiling the source and developing it further. The old PanoTools User list has been abandoned by most of the regular contributors due to management issues.

His website closed down, his mailing list ended, and all e-mail communication ceased. They are processed on a line by line basis. Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure.

It would be interesting to see how it compares to PTStitcher in this case. Photos Discussions Members Map About.