Lots of features, runs smoothly and doesn’t consume a lot of battery power. Easily one of the nicest and best designed N9 apps I have seen. Either way, version 1. Otherwise looks and works great. Currently I use QMX most of the time, but when I want to use a playlist I have to fall back to the Nokia player, and then I miss all the cool functionality.

quasarmx n9

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QuasarMX, Qt, QML and the experiments

And seeing you steadily continue development after all this time I will go for the cross platform license. Very promising, very usable already at this point. I don’t know how feasible changing this would be, I’ll admit. However, on my device I can not reproduce the issue with the latest SailfishOS Uitukka update, neither in current release build not in the latest beta.

Quasar MX, Ready to rock your Jolla!

QuasarMX is a light-weight, fast and convenient media player optimized for mobile systems offering many of the features found in modern desktop media players, like fast library overview and filtering along with the ability to handle large libraries very well.

Yes, the so-called audio routing is fixed qkasarmx the current update I am working on.

No features I would like to see made it into this version but I like the reduced power consuumption very much. There’s a hell of a lot there so if you want to help me go through it, that’d be great. The exclamation marks in front of the items are caused by Quasarjx not finding the required files.


quasarmx | — Community Repository System

Similar to the Equalizer feature quasadmx might not be in version 1. Thanks for a great music app, evilJazz. Hey, eviljazz, how you doing? However, I do have a comment to qiasarmx about an improvement that would be very useful to me, and maybe to a few others too. The player reports to be in offline mode without any change e. Is there any way to get QuasarMX working with sound notification from Marble http: That is unfortunately not very informative This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

As for DLNA or other streaming technologies I am brutally honest, it is not planned – simply because I never use these features and there are other players that are specially designed for such purposes.

Changes | Meteora Softworks

The stock player does this automatically. Just bought the multiplatform licence. Checked and corrected about 60 lines, will continue tomorrow. QuasarMX was not on the list of prioritized apps all media apps. Could it be changed to drive E or something? I just posted Beta 3 to the store’s QA. How about two simple knobs adjusting the frequencies, that is, like on a regular hi-fi amp?


The N version will take a few days longer than expected. For this price I want a perfect from my point of view application.

Accepting album art from local files Should work out of the box. That’s the version that expires on me, unless if reinstalled the ‘expire counter’ is reset. Might need to be proofread by a native though for full accuracy. Investigating if sending raw data packets to the controller via BlueZ’s pass-through mode is possible and feasible. Should be fixed in Beta 2.

quasarmx n9

Thanks for the app, Beckedorf: I sent this by email already, quasarmz I’ll post my findings here also. Is there any specific format of the image files? QuasarMX – Awesome music player! When playing FLAC files, though, album art always shows, even where I’ve checked there’s track art for each file.

quasarmx n9