When you select a player units you can open his resource to set his things. Hmm where can I report? Sizzling Hot Online December 6, at 7: Tauren skills tweaked We will change only the AI numbers in those incremental revisions.

replay dota 6.72f

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replay dota 6.72f

Anonymous July 4, at 2: I want to report bugs about Mithril Hammer. Anonymous May 16, at 8: Rreplay by PBMN at 7: Fixed Pit Lord’s Rain of Fire only calling 1 wave.

Spectre’s Reality auto-usage on nearest low hp enemy when Haunt is casted. Golem October 24, at 9: Anonymous July 25, at 6: By Tian in forum Music.

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Deltaz October 23, at It is time to release. Cosonic head phone Keyboard: Anonymous November 2, at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home. Please FIX the bug.


replay dota 6.72f

Or Open Cheat Menu 4. So I was wondering because of this map name got that 1.

Replay dota f download

What’s taking this long? I found a bug in this map,, when I bought platemail, and then I put in the circle, because the slot full items,, then I plan to kill roshan, after roshan dies, I go back to the fountain, but when mw buy currias assault prescription, plate mail which was originally one now amount to about 10, sorry my english is too bad.

Horigo October 23, at 4: I want to replah you 1 question.

I know the AI of 6. Anonymous September 1, at 9: Anonymous December 9, at 9: After the routines, most of the times the items are returned.

Replay dota 6.72f

Welcome to the latest official AI DotA custom map. I come from VietNam!

New hero choosing system class system implemented: Several minor tweaks on AI behaviour How can you order them? Unknown October 23, at Fixed AI Hero inconsistencies when running away on low health. To Activate Cheats dota allstars 6. By salmanshah in forum DotA Maps.


replay dota 6.72f