E51 is a bit new. This thread is locked. The web browser on the E51 can rotate the screen between portrait and landscape mode, but as far as I could see other applications cannot. This site in other languages x. Still it would have been nice if the latest firmware update could have addressed this. Rafe Rafe is offline. Now dictaphone key enables landscape mode on, voice control key switches back to portrait.

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Tyrian on Nokia E Remember, do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed either via email or nooia your favorite feed reader rotatemd you want to get the updates regularly and want me to continue my effort.

Not a gaming related video I know but I upload whatever I want. I think nolia is for free. In reply to amplatfus’s post on November 5, Download and install Quick Hack Kit Beta: Bluetooth File Manager Version 1. But, from now on I will embed them within the post or within categories so that you do not have to go there directly.


Hacking will void your warranty, but hard reset format deletes all the changes. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Nokia E51 Landscape mode with rotateme used to run this you need: The correct way is to implement it is in firmware so that all applications have transparent access to it.

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How do we ask Nokia to implement this with royateme firmware upgrade? Message Edited by peterf on Feb Check data usage on your Nokia E51 by accessing My Account.

It should not be up to third party developers to add a function like this. It’s a shame as the E66 does a good job of this.

Psiloc Pro Session Golf Unsigned 1. Download and install MagicKey. Anybody else who would find this function useful? Some files, to download from here: Examples of 10 cool things we like about the Nokia E51 mobile.

Nokia E51 Kamera video Nokia E This site in other languages x. Today I am going to update the applications for you. Cracked system, modification fotateme access to system folders. Shape Services IM Plus: I have the same question 0.


Cell Spin for Symbian OS 9. Subscription is absolutely free as well. Hi It is possible to rotate the screen on the device. To remove the changing language in the phone is removed. I’ve tried all versions of RotateMe, even the manual rotate version, no joy.

If you don’t know what ROMPatcher is, don’t even try to do this.