Now tell us, would you give this a go? At the bottom right of the box, you will see an arrow pointing downwards. When the receiver gets your email, he or she will see the actual content of your email, in encrypted form. The question you have set earlier will appear. To reply to that email you need to compose a new email. To decrypt the email the receiver must copy the string of gibberish into the mail decryption pageā€¦.


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The email cannot be saved as draft when composing in encrypted mode.

SendSafely Encryption for Chrome and Gmail

To be able to use SafeGmail, you need to switch to the old compose layout first. Some of the limitations are:. Opening the safegmajl Email When the receiver gets your email, he or she will see the actual content of your email, in encrypted form.


Although there is nothing particularly unsafe ssafegmail email or Gmaill in particular, there is no doubting sqfegmail fact that email security breaches occur on a daily basis across the world. Some of the limitations are: One must rely solely on the built-in feature which takes several days.

When the receiver gets your email, he or she will see the actual content of your email, in encrypted form. And compared to SafeGmail, SecureGmail has an easier way to decrypt the encrypted email as you do not need to leave the page to decrypt it. Finally, Safe Gmail is not compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome.


To reply to that email you need to compose a new email.

SendSafely Encryption for Chrome and Gmail – Chrome Web Store

To send your first encrypted message, head over to your Gmail account and compose a new email. In order for the recipient to see the message, he must manually copy and paste the code into a separate window, despite already answering the security question.

But, fret not we have found another, even better tool which can help you to encrypt your emails. And there you have it, sending encrypted emails with SafeGmail is real easy as long as you can figure out how to get the answer to the receiver. You can opt for information that only you and the receiver knows, or send the password to them via another channel: The process is also not an automated one.

Once your recipient has opened the link, they will be presented with the safeg,ail question which you set before sending your encrypted email.

Send Encrypted Emails Easily With SecureGmail

While there are other ways to help tighten your Gmail securitywhen it comes safgemail sending emails securely from your Gmail Inbox, you might still need help from third party apps, such as SafeGmail. Additionally, Safe Gmail does not have the ability to encrypt attachments.

SecureGmail is a Chrome extension which allows users to send encrypted email s and is compatible with your Google accounts. To access the content, both you and your recipient will need to click a link in the email, as displayed in safegnail image below. For your receiver to open this encrypted email, they need to give the right answer to a question you have set. Additionally, an automatic expiry date eventually deletes the email for both you and the safegmai, removing it from existence completely.


Decrypting your Email Before decrypting, the content of the email is unreadable. Enter your answer as well.

Safe Gmail offers no such protection. Safe Gmail is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to totally encrypt your emails before sending them, thus protecting any sensitive content. Having answered the question correctly, your recipient will then be prompted to paste the encrypted message content into the text box. To read the email, the receiver must decrypt that string of characters. With the recent issues of internet trackingmore and more internet users want to safeguard their safegmmail privacy.

Safe Gmail Let’s You Send Private Encrypted Emails in Chrome

To get started, add SafeGmail then sign in to your Gmail account. Basically, it will look like a string of gibberish, non-sensical characters see shot below.


To send an encrypted email for Gmail, first you need to install SecureGmail on Chrome. To decrypt the encrypted email, safegmaill receiver needs to install SecureGmail on their Chrome browser too. Check the box to encrypt your email. Click Compose to open up a new compose box.