Subs…asked me if I know how to sing, and I replied: He lived in Croatia for all his life, and went to school to Vinkovci. Anyone interested in getting one, should send me an e-mail. Purchasable with gift card. Sounded interesting to me.

satan panonski mp3

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Think of GG Allin, but with the provocation directed less towards others, and more aggression and pain inflicted on himself; of GG Allin with less bluntly np3, yet still present misogyny or rather misanthropy? What would he about those quotes today, what datan he really mean, and did he say it in those exact terms? Streaming and Download help.

Notify me of new posts via email. The younger brother of one of the protagonists, who lives in Belgrade, is into Hare Krishna, vegan food and peace, changes his mind when war breaks out, joins the army and instantly dies.

Outsider: Satan Panonski (Croatia)

I can not tell from that whether it is spinning in its head? He accused the panoski leaders of bad organisation and politics, which made him and his fighting force withdraw on moments that it was, in his opinion, absolute not neccessary. Sataan his death, there was an obituary notice In Slovene gay magazine Revolver, together with some of his poems.


In he kills a man in a fight with the local Mafia in self-defense. Whether the insects can go crazy when they do not have a brain? Satan Panonski A je to festival in Sarajevo a visit in skela collected silence Bands interviews: The author lives in Belgrade and writes also for blogs procedura and hrana. By clicking “Accept” or by continuing to use the site, you agree to this use of cookies and data. Purchasable with gift card. The town livens up, panonskki you can eat and drink well and abundantly.

Towards the end ofin a fight during a concert in paonnski hotel in Vinkovci, Satan killed a man with a knife. During his performances, he would also recite poetry, break bottles on his head, and cut himself with broken glass.

Satan Panonski – Wikipedia

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Second of all, Satan Panonski was Croat by birth, punker by nationality. After being a model student, his turbulent entry into the punk scene caused him to drop out of high school.

But there was no sense and no way of forbiding me to perform, and if they did that in the town itself I would do a concert in my village Ceric, in the forest, anywhere. Or did he commit suicide?

satan panonski mp3

I turned it upside down and out came an identical copy of the barrel, just ice. Look at gig dates and plans.

satan panonski mp3

J’accepte tous les cookies En savoir plus ou s’opposer. Schleimkeim and Satan Panonski about Money And yes, I know his brothers and his friends, so there is no need to doubt in my words.


When I put out a thought, I have to accomplish it, do it, it has to happen. When the war in Croatia started inSatan enrolled in the Croatian army, as many eatan men of his age at the time.

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Satan Panonski

Towards the end of the s, Satan sought psychiatric help, although he allegedly did so to avoid the mandatory military service in Yugoslavia. During his time at the hospital he wrote and painted, and sometimes he would get out to perform with his band. Intervju with Iluzije Slobode fanzin translation inhelly cherry web zine. Or listen first here To find out more, including how to control sata, see here: And, in an unexpected turn of events that Satan himself would have appreciated, Anton himself became the voice of Satan Panonski.