Use the pos to do that. Soul-Guardian Apr 13 Are you editing the right system notepad file? I tried the KOF Anthology screenpack and mugen does load up but, it doesnt show the screenpack: So I guess I’ll have to upload the screenpack for the mean time. Do I make my own folder, in the data folder for the system and select or put it into any of the folders already there?

screenpack mugen 1000 chars

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screenpack mugen 1000 chars

Install Mugen screen packs to add more character slots I can hardly find the time to update my mugen nowadays. FelipeGames Jun 25 Didn’t worked. Super-Capacity Select Screen This add-on gives you up to chars. Follow Report Join group Profile.

How to add more character slots in your select screen of Mugen tutorial – M.U.G.E.N Elecbyte

Screenpack chafs Download Link of this mugen version]: Yoshi Me Vs Guile. Baring in mind that 0,0 is smack bang in the middle of the screen, but 0,0 it is not in the center of the slots.


Mugen screenpack with slots. So I guess I’ll have to upload the screenpack for the mean time.

screenpack mugen 1000 chars

I cant find anything on the internet And if you don’t need a screen-pack could you tell me how to get that without one?? AI patched by BobaFett.

screenpack mugen 1000 chars

Mugen Survival Kirby and Chuih me. Mugen character slots. Awww, I liked the hi res one Guest Oct 19 Okay so I don’t have jugen screen-pack Svreenpack you recommend I do use you Would you happen to know any good ones, or have the link to get to them??

Haha, that’s my screencap in the OP: Unless you download a Screenpack with more slots. Got it, just need to find some websites where I can download chars and stages: Mugen Thread Not Bullshit free at all.

Ill try Epoch of Archany for now: Oh well I will do it: Second file is 1. Milla Basset by Artur. Still, just in cuars, go ahead and make a copy of your system.


You’re using the regular arrow keys, not WASD did you? Do you have to edit something in one of the def files?

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Then, when your ready, download WinRar and extract all at once. How do i cancel zoosk na Blog.

What all can we customize? We provide the best quality videos for. Welcome to our internet m. Knuckles Me Vs E Omega. Guest Dec chafs Thank you. Yoshi Me Vs Super Mario. That’s all I can do for you