For the best results, use the performance governor or set the max and min to be the same. This is also known as the Main profile if notifications are turned on. Do not select the userspace governor. The Profiles tab also has menu options for backing up, restoring, and sharing profile settings. It also includes a few benchmarks for testing the speed of the phone. Click on the Apply button on the top right to save the voltages and try the new voltage out. Keep in mind that undervolting is only available for certain kernels.

setcpu apk 2.2.4

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When trying out new voltages, go down a very little amount at a time and apply the voltages. The perflock disabler menu now has a “set on boot” function. Many custom kernels have customized governors written by the community.

setcpu apk 2.2.4

To enable custom frequencies, place a file called setcpu. The governor controls your phone’s behavior when choosing speeds between the max and min.

In this case, the profiles with lower priorities will perform only actions which have not been performed by profiles with higher priorities. Use it to limit the CPU speed when you’re not using the device to save battery. Set the battery level to the level you want it to be. If you access the menu in this tab, you can choose to back up, restore, and share voltage settings, like you can with profiles.


On the bottom right, you can set the CPU governor. If the Voltages tab is available, it will automatically show up between the Governor and Profiles tabs. SetCPU should perform startup tasks expediently again.

setcpu for root users 2.2.4 apk download

Simple and efficient, the best cloacking app for Haykuro IMO. The Voltages tab is only available with some custom kernels and devices. This profile will be active when the device’s screen is turned off, and will be inactive when the device’s screen is turned back on. The limits for stability vary from chip to chip, even across the same device, so your results with this menu will vary.

setcpu for root users v2 2 4

You can find the benchmark options in the menu at the bottom. Miscellaneous bugfixes and optimized performance. This profile will trigger when your device’s internal temperature sensor goes above a certain point. Accelerate your processor to unleash your phone’s true multitasking potential, or dial your CPU’s speed down to save battery. Support for more apo interfaces coming soon.

setcpu apk 2.2.4

The time condition allows you to set certain CPU settings for a time of day. Profiles The Profiles tab, which is located to the right of the Main tab, allows you a;k customize the CPU settings based on events that happen to your device.


You’ll notice the display at the top change accordingly.

android app: SetCPU for Root Users v () Android Apk Game

Flash it in recovery mode just like any other update. It will keep the CPU running at the min set value at all times. The smartass governor effectively gives the phone an automatic Screen Off profile, keeping speeds at a minimum when the phone is idle.

Sorry for the rather rapid succession of updates the past few days! Access the menu here, and press Safe Mode Instructions to do this. Fixed a bug where profile notifications were not taking the user back to the app.

SetCPU for Root Users 2.2.4 APK

Instant Email Address – Multipurpose free email! Documentation and more information can be found here: Some tablets will only charge using a wall socket, so keep this in mind.

Don’t setcou the Set on Boot box before you’re sure that the voltage set you’ve saved is stable! This launches the Edit Profile menu.

This is useful if unstable settings were saved with “set on boot” checked.