Neka Uyan Wathu Madin. Sanda Ma Ha Sinasuna. From January 1st to 31st cybersawana gmail. Rangahala Dan Atha Ada Andure. Hewanalla Wath Paduwe Innata.

sitha sanasuma vindemi mp3

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sitha sanasuma vindemi mp3

This effort is a Tribute to all our living or deceased Music Composers, Producers, Lyricists and Singers who created so many unforgettable songs. Unfortunately, we are unable to hear them today, ssanasuma most songs were not preserved or reproduced.

sitha sanasuma vindemi mp3

Tharu Eliya Oba Ha Ma. Sihina Lowe Mihira Mawu Mali. The music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s holds a special memory for those of us who grew up with it.

Sitha Sanasuma Vindemi Oba Hinda

If you enjoy the Music Duwe Nuba Mage Pranayai. Neka Uyan Wathu Madin. In this iPod era, continuously playable collection of instrumental music is a must for a music lover belongs to any ethnicity or country. Kiyanna Kauda Oba Kiya. I wish to thank all visitors who commented and encouraged me to do this many Albums.


Ahas Gabe Tharu Kata Gane. Me Ayurin Api Sansare.

Thanks to Google for providing this Web space. Oba Nidanna Oba Nidanna. Hewa Canada cybersawana gmail. Wannam Sawdam Gaayana Suuriya. Ma Sitha Miyuru Kalpana. Commercial Producers in our music industry have overlooked this need maybe due to lack of commercial viability, compared to production cost.

Oba Hinda Download Free Mp3 Song

Malathi Wasanthe, Nihada Kalpana. In my Instrumental Albums I have included a wide variety of songs ranging from recent vindeni very old hits. Suwadai Mal Suwanda Se.

sitha sanasuma vindemi mp3

It is a pleasure to see some visitor s email a comment amon g thousands of downloading users, who appreciate this hard work.! Some Of Our Music Composers who composed these unforgettable songs.! The rights of all the songs belong to the respective artists and producers and CyberSawana is not liable for any consequences arising from misusing the free instrumental music tracks ml3 in this Website.

Sanda Ma Ha Sinasuna.


Sitha Sanasuma Vindemi Oba Hinda – Chandraleka Perera

They are available for Downloading, Absolutely Free at this page. Hitha Hiri Watunado Sulan Kurullo. Me Nihada Bawa Midenna. Eka Dawasak Mama Dutuwa.

Sanda Yame – Ek Wu Yame. Rangahala Dan Atha Ada Andure. I am grateful to my family for supporting me to make this possible. Jale Gambura Oruwa Danne Na. Wee Paduren Igili Yana.