Now you can curve those sharp angles. First video of is uploaded! Smooth out just the sharp corners, but keep the other parts of the lines the same. Latest Posts Updating the Site One major update was the shopping cart section. Sketch2Draw is with Macajo Denman Brown.


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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? This next video will probably be 2 or 3 parts, and span about minutes each! Pencil drawing I made for a comic book cover’s issue of Wonder Woman.

Videos –

Sketch2Draw is with Macajo Denman Brown. I’m very grateful to have so many people that like my channel and are also able to learn from my drawing videos!!

How to Draw an Apple Beginning. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!


Sketch in the shadow under the apple to create a surface for the apple to stand on. How about some lessons on how to draw my Steampunk Wonderland characters?

Darken the stem but not the top of the stem.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. All of my heroes and villains come from this one compilation alone. This free sketch Rose Sketch is designed to accompany my drawing video tutorial Techniques will be more detailed such as how to shade, how to simply achieve hair effects, or learn more about drawing sketch2darw.


I also make mistakes, so I will show you how I correct the mistakes that I see in my drawings. Detail the leaf with 4 to 5 veins on each side, and thicken the stem. Part 2 – How to Draw Cheshire Cat video is uploaded! First video of is uploaded!

How to Draw an Apple (Beginning)

Here’s a Corel Painter video on drawing the face using the same simple guides I use in all of my drawings. Also, please help and share this page to reach 2, likes! This lesson is designed to use polygon shapes in forming the drawing.


Latest Posts Updating the Site One major update was the shopping cart section. My next series of videos for will be more instructional, breaking down how I begin a sketch and sketch2drxw it to a final stage. What would you like to see and learn about? You have commented, and I have been listening.

Drawing Lessons

With our HTML5 drawing tool, everyone’s an artist! Gently erase the previous sketch lines from the last step. I will redo the steps on drawing the female face straight-on view and break it down into smaller, more detailed steps. This is a short tutorial on starting a portrait by Not all apples are the same, so it’s OK if your apple doesn’t look exactly like this one.


Don’t worry about making any curves yet, that’s the next step. Wishing all of you a Happy filled with lots of art! Use the box as a guide to help you place the lines in the right places.

How to Draw an Apple (Beginning) –

Add a leaf and an angled line for the stem on top. Notice that the smetch2draw of the apple’s stem flares out a bit, and you can see the top edge of the stem too. Take your time and always start with very light strokes when you shade, use cross-hatching strokes.