The tragic thing is that the translation really wasn’t necessary – you don’t need to understand the words here to appreciate Arandjelovic’s beautiful performance in his own, more comfortable mother language, and I would in fact set his performance here next to those of the greatest vocalists of the Italian prog scene – there’s the same command of both operatic majesty and delicate nuance. But Smak was another kind of taste. The hard rock come again in Biska II, where a nice and full riff, reminding me the best moments of BUDGIE, finds way in a great closing song for the a-side, in the case. Wyatt-like vocal melodies before 4 minutes as well. Nasty organ a minute in and the synths start to come and go. Very important is the fact that most of these pieces contain plenty of room for instrumental exercises, while the vocal parts are absolutely harmonic and expressive.

smak mars na drinu mp3

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Dab In The Middle] It lightens again before 13 minutes then the organ comes in with power. Vocals follow and it turns intense later smakk. Tasteful guitar 2 minutes in that goes on and on. The guitar makes a noise as the vocals and a beat join in after a minute.

smak mars na drinu mp3

A beat with organ follows as vocals continue. Other sites in the MAC network: This sounds so good!


Results cached 6h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 82 items. Not a fan really. Eighteenth-century Sweden in Music: It kicks in again before 5 minutes.

Nasty organ a minute in and the synths start to come and go. Making music and original music may not be easy as it seems. As I already said, its a essential album, not only for the local scene, but for the universality of the musicianship.

While not very proggy, mar tracks of the opening side offer inspiring, melodic and well-executed compositions with Classic Rock, Blues and psychedelic influences, highlighted by Mihajlovic’es incredible guitar workouts and Arandelovic’es crystalline voice. Collaborators please take note. Stranice Naseg Vremena [Aka: This song would show up on their excellent third album. The psychedelic side of the group is not completely gone, but ”Put od balona” is definitely built on keyboards to a higher deegree, twisting from smooth, melodic lines with symphonic leanings to more frenetic Fusion-like textures with impressive guitar solos and a loose attitude as a whole.

Even Van Morrison – someone I ddinu not the least interested in – does a “better” job at that. Great sounding guitar to start then it changes style. It’s hard for me to tell good musicians that they underperform, but equally, if they fail to create the excitement, I am not the one responsible for that.


Vocals and drums after a minute. An absolute rip snorter as these guys set the soundscape on fire. But Smak was another kind of taste. Such a powerful song. Smak – Elohopeaa – marrs U. In a total time of 35 minutes, not exaclty a long album, Crna Dama is a work that can be easily apreciated but at the same time chalenges you to find the best spots that most suites you right after tha album is finished.


Mars na Drinu Ringtone by abej – 59 – Free on ZEDGEâ„¢

To be honest this song doesn’t do much for me. The msrs is building again. When it stops the vocals and a beat take over and this contrast will continue throughout. The original line-up gathered again in with a new keyboardist Milan Djurdjevic, but after the release of one LP they split again.

This band just refuses to “swing” and the otherwise notable abilities remain pretty much wasted as such.

smak mars na drinu mp3

The sidelong track alone deserves your frinu, but the rest of the material is also good, albeit a bit far from the exceptional style of ”Put od balona”.