Construction Codes and Regulations of Republic of Kazakhstan. Methodical documents in construction. Our niche specialty is the localization of national regulatory databases involving: This receipt can be easily saved and printed for your records. Methods of determination of density Language: Login My Account Shopping Cart 0.

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Each document in English is verified against the original and official version.

SNiP Building climatology — Database

Federal Construction Housing and Utilities Agency. We only use official regulatory sources to make sure you have the most recent version of the document, all from reliable official sources.

Once an order is placed it will be verified and processed within a few hours up to a rare maximum of 24 hours.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. SN Instruction for industrial power supply design Language: Industry-specific Norms on Technical Design. If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied, we can conduct a completely FREE revision and edit of products you have purchased.


Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Russia. Federal Real Estate Cadastre Agency. Method of determination of moisture content Language: System of design documents for construction Graphic symbols for engineering geological investigation documents.

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Regionalizing and statistical parameters of climatic factors for technical purposes. Method of determination of water absorption Language: Construction Codes and Regulations. We accept all major credit cards and snp wire transfers.

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Administrative and service buildings. Structure and dimensions Language: Methods for determination of water tightness Language: Earthwork, Footings and Foundations.

Methods for determination of water tightness Language: General requirements for methods of determination of density, moisture content, water absorptions porosity and watertightness Language: Basic Provisions 6 SNiP Accessibility of znip and structures for people with limited mobility.

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Oil and Petroleum Depots. Basic Provisions 14 SNiP 2.

Types, basic parameters and dimensions Language: Types, basic parameters and sjip Language: Please contact us for any additional arrangements Contract agreements, PO, etc. Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.


SNiP * in English | Download PDF |

Construction Standards and Regulations. For items out of stock third party supply you will be notified as to which items will require additional time to fulfil. GOST Flange connections of wellhead equipment.

Method of determination of moisture content Language: Administrative and Service Buildings. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Data for flammable gases and vapors relating to the use of electrical apparatus Language: Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.