By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But sadly there is nothing i can do about this as Paypal are backing the people who asked for their money back. He worked on A New Hope for two years before releasing it in with a new sound mix, new effects, new music, and hundreds of tiny tweaks. RHD Donations for materials needed can be made through: The vest, belt and ejection straps are all adjustable so will fit most sizes. No one will ever profit from these edits. This shot was recomposited with new suns elements.

star wars adywan

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The vest, belt and ejection straps are all adjustable so will fit most sizes. This site uses cookies. Once that is completed, he plans to move on to Return of the Jedi, also in p. Adywan’s Star Wars Revisited really shar interest us much when it came out in aroundbecause at the time we were far more concerned with trying to preserve the original version of the film than with enjoying yet another new take on it, but now that we know the original versions are being preserved in 4k by the fans at least, if not by Lucasfilmit’s finally time to appreciate all of Adywan’s hard work.


So what will the money be used for?

star wars adywan

It would have been impossible to accurately recreate the original version anyway. Almost gone are the yellow aydwan lights. Plinkett’s Phantom Menace review Mr.

About Revisited

You can donate to the supply fund for Adywan’s continued work on this project by donating via Paypal: R, but the extra detail is needed when adwan with more close-up shots.

Then there is something that is really needed: Ady recently announced his intention to go back to A New Hope was recreate it in p. Posted in Video Clips. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Now that fits in perfectly with what they are saying on screen.

This really does show just how bad the grading of the official Blu-Ray for this film is. By continuing to use this website, you agree stat their use. We’d argue that it’s worth watching for the color correction alone!

The Star Wars Trilogy | Adywan’s ESB revisited released

The Empire Strikes Back: Post was not sent – check your email sttar So i will be disabling the donation links on the wordpress site and any future donations will only be taken through the money pool option. New sandcrawler actually a shot of the sandcrawler that was replaced for the Special Edition. Are you out of your mind?! He started color-correcting the DVD version, but as he was doing so, he found that there were many things he could figure out how starr do to make what he felt the Special Editions should have been.


We ask that you own a copy of the official DVDs before downloading.

star wars adywan

It is done by a fan, for the fans. Which comes to the other problem. Plus i wzrs never really happy with that shot in the first place. So I need to replace the smaller internal hard drives with newer.

R is getting on. Once the donation target has been reached, then it will closed.

star wars adywan

The official blu-ray of ROTJ, although people seem to think this one has the better adywxn grading than the other two in the OT, probably has the most problems.

And the only activity is the shuttle leaving. Well every penny donated does directly to material only. This site uses cookies.