Mohit and Siddharth opt out of telly shows. She is more like his guide. When Yuvraj suggests that she join Manu, Rathi and Naro instead of joining his group, she suspects that there is something going on between him and Suvreen. They interview the students of their college to find out their views on eve teasing and women’s safety. Suvreen visits delhi for the first time. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance if Suvreen is still in love with Yuvraj.

suvreen guggal topper of the year songs

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She even asks Naro and Annie if there is anything going on between Suvreen and Yuvraj. The video is protected by copyright. I’m starting to feel bad for RC. It’s a humorous and riveting campus drama that states that there’s more to this Facebook generation than iPod and low-waist jeans. When Suvreen finally finds Jasleen, this is what went down. This is where some clarity from Yuvraj helps her figure out that Jasleen is tired of being treated like the baby of the family.

Suvreen Guggal – Topper of The Year Title Song Lyrics – Channel[V]

Suvreen doesn’t understand why Jasleen feels like that. Instead he tells her that Vivan is contagious and she should leave before she gets sick! Sudhir Sharma’s show to replace Surveen Guggal? Shifting gears, Yuvraj is trying his best to become ‘hi-fi’ so that he can impress Suvreen.


Suvreen Guggal: Topper Of The Year () Songs Lyrics | Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics

Eight soaps in revamp mode. I personally like that Jasleen’s character has a bit of grey shades is not a goody-two-shoes like Suvreen. Watch the new show – [v] Suvreen Guggal – laun. So last week ended with RC telling Suvredn that Vivan was sick. She always tries to be close to him. She returns to Kathgodam, India and opens her own boutique.

Suvreen Guggal sings her heart out. No copyright infringement intended. Experience the city through her eyes. The actress will play the lead opposite actor Anuj Sachdeva in the show for Sony Entertainment Television.

suvreen guggal topper of the year songs

On the day of inauguration Yuvraj proposes marriage and she happily accepts. I only own the editing. Subscribe via Email Never miss latest songs lyrics update. What they discover is alarming.

She also adopts the name Pepper Pathak and runs her own brand, hiding it from everyone except her boyfriend Yuvraj and roommate Soni.


suvreen guggal topper of the year songs

This page was last edited on 12 Julyat Please like and comment! Hua hai aaj pehli baar song suvrin guggal topar of the year nitin diwakar again. Sign up to receive an email whenever we post latest lyrics in bogie. Mohit and Siddharth opt out of telly shows. I like her equation with Vivan but I don’t think she can play the role of being a mother figure. Already sounds like a bad idea.

Suvreen Guggal: Topper Of The Year (2012) Songs Lyrics

So he comes up with a plan to help RC ‘win over’ Suvreen. Unknowingly Rehan connects the call to Suvreen and she is shocked to hear about Rehan’s feelings for her.

Click here for the related post: Suvreen Guggal is your everyday teenager, with her everyday teenage problems, but a unique and wacky way to tackle them all. Stay Tuned for more Updates