These jobs read in an external file, does some reformatting, and then loads it into 2 sybase tables. Ask a system administrator if you need help restoring the sample databases. The Source area shows the source code of the object that is selected in the left pane. The column header also specifies any defaults, rules, triggers, and indexes that affect the column. Click the Convert Schema command on the toolbar to begin the process. Send feedback on this help topic to Technical Publications:

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You might have to expand Statistics to view this information. Views Read View source View history.

Sample SAP (Sybase) ASE databases – SAP/Sybase ASE – Design & Metadata

These jobs are auto scheduled through Control-M application. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat See the Troubleshooting Guide. June 12, at 7: Namespaces 4 4 3 Discussion. You must download a registration key.

Tables in the pubs2 Database In each of the tables in the pubs2 database, the column header specifies the column name, its datatype including any user-defined datatypesand its null or not null status. Next, fatabase click on the pubs database and select the Create Report command or press the Create Report command on the toolbar as shown below.


4 4 3:SAP ASE Restore

You can add a statement window using the Add Statement command as shown below. Create a new project. For a new database, SSMA prompts you to create it. You can then choose the desired target on your SQL Server. The Schema Mapping tab is available when you click on a database or schema in the Sybase Metadata Explorer.

SAP Help Portal

upbs2 If you do change the sample database, SAP suggests that you return it to its original state for the sake of future users. Does anyone know what SSMA may be doing other than selecting the data it’s not sorting it, is it? You have to specify the following parameters:. July 26, at 6: In the Sybase Metadata Explorer under a schema, you can find the Statements folder. I ask because my ASE is throwing various errors in tempdb when migrating data.

Batch jobs are in.

The Assessment Report window contains three panes: November 15, at 2: SSMA for Sybase has a feature that allows you to migrate script files and statements that may be embedded in application code through the Statements folder. For information about installing pubs2see the installation guide for your platform. To create a new account, click the Sign up now button. In the License Management dialog box, click the license registration page link.


Once you make your selection, you are locked into the target backend.

The pubs2 Database

This selects the database you want to migrate. June 7, at You can also type in the name of a new database.

Proceed as follows to minimize data loss in case of a database failure and get the database back into operation:. June 9, at 2: In the first step, restore the database from the latest FULL backup as shown in the examples above, in a second step restore each created transactional backup for the database.

DB file obtained from Sybase rather than from a Sybase server? The top area shows the overall statistics for the object.