What a thrilling twist. Episode 13 is still some weeks away, says reports. A couple accused of transporting a surprisingly large amount of cocaine to the US hired Lockhart Gardner to represent them, before the Great Schism that created Florrick Agos. I hope the show turns ‘northward’ again when it comes back in March. Full Cast and Crew.

the good wife 5x12

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Alicia feels bad enough that Lockhart Gardner’s client walks, and theirs doesn’t. I genuinely felt like punching him.

Episodi di The Good Wife (quinta stagione) – Wikipedia

Cary convince Alicia a prendersi un giorno di ferie, ma senza lavoro la giornata si dimostra abbastanza noiosa. View all posts by Nadim Safieddine. goood

the good wife 5x12

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Share Your Thoughts Cancel reply. Her tone implies she is unconcerned with how, exactly, he goes about making this all go away. Il Procuratore di Stato James Castro porta a Wide delle foto che insinuerebbero una relazione tra Alicia e Finn Polmar, minacciando di fornirle alla stampa.

Alicia vuole abbandonare il prima possibile Will e Diane per fondare il suo studio con Cary ma gli associati del quarto anno scelgono di attendere, al fine di incamerare i soldi dei bonus.

Zach si accorge che un hacker ha preso il controllo delle webcam dei computer di casa. Mentre Alicia e Cary difendono un uomo dalle accuse di terrorismo che girano in rete, Will assume un nuovo avvocato privo di scrupoli, scontrandosi con gli altri soci.


Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. Watch Now With Prime Video. Eli Gold Josh Charles She also fixes it when it breaks. You must be logged in to post a comment. And Eli Gold Alan Cumming is largely to blame, though he will not admit it. Cary is clever, and feeds her false information, leading to an embarrassing meeting between Will and Kalinda and fifteen-second guest star Tom Skerritt, as a client who wants to move over to Florrick Agos.

Marilyn is becoming one of my favorite side characters, and a solid addition to the long line of women on this show who keep moving forward, no matter how much bullshit is piled in their path.

David Lee si insospettisce per i loro strani conciliaboli e fa analizzare le telefonate dei cellulari. He places it down on the bar, when the camera returns to him, the phone is still on the bar, but the correct way around, you can now see the headphone socket and not the charging part.

the good wife 5x12

Lockhart Gardner and Florrick Agos must work together–sort of–as they represent a couple accused of drug trafficking, Marilyn tries to get to the bottom of a potential scandal, and Cary gets revenge on Kalinda. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Geneva Pine Jess Weixler Diane si occupa di un’azione collettiva a fianco di Rayna Hecht, ma emerge un conflitto di interessi quando si scopre che i loro avversari hanno ingaggiato Canning.


Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli.

The Good Wife 5×12 – We, The Juries

Kalinda Sharma Alan Cumming Both firms are defending a married couple in a drug trafficking case. Nad Rating C Share this: What happens next to these characters in complicated situations? Kalinda, non ancora del tutto ripresasi dalla goor di Will, aiuta a suo modo la propria datrice di lavoro.

Diane Lockhart Chris Noth A couple accused of transporting a surprisingly large amount of cocaine 5z12 the US hired Lockhart Gardner to represent them, before the Great Schism that created Florrick Agos. Meanwhile, the media has got hold of the video footage showing Jim Moody from Peter’s campaign delivering stuffed ballot boxes wive election night.

On one hand, how nice is it that Alicia is considering her own interests among the interests of all the other people she has to look out for?