Since we are unable to offer a trial version of the recorder, we have come up with an idea that will hopefully make new awesome cams available for everyone to view and encourage more people to consider using the. Congratulations, to Joel Backman. What’s new New posts Latest activity. We will also ask that you put a note such as “TV: This is made by you or some one else? All user uploaded cam files will be queued for conversion to flash video.


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Premium days [ Settings – Logout ] Cam Files: You must log in or register to reply here. Look out YouTube, here we come!

How can you make them visible? Beacouse it doesn’t work. How do I change the format of tibiacam’s that I download?

If you want to see a movie of a Demon, search for “Demon”. With our search engine it is possible to find movies including any character or monster you specify. To be fair to those in the top that have already purchased a premium account we will add a year to your current premium or allow you to give the premium tiibacam one of your friends. If your character’s name is on this list please send an email to support tibiacam. The list of the current top can be viewed here.

Who will be the next lucky person?


BynaCam TV (something like TibiaCam TV)

The last version is 2. You can watch the entire quest here. Using our custom recording program it is possible to record hours of game footage with only a few megabytes of disk space. The length of the cam means that if it was converted to a flash video it would be several gigabytes in size.


After several months of intensive redesign we have upgraded our video section. I can record but i can’t watch tibiacam movies, I can watch the movies that I have done by myself but not the movies I’m downloading.


We banish people for cheating when they get an advantage in the game from doing what they do or at least attempt to get such an advantage. The winter update is here already and you can find the new lite and pro versions on the download page!

We also understand that the source of this evil seems to be tibicam from the Pits of Inferno. Watch for more bounty hunts in the future!

We’ve already got hosting covered for the next year but still it is slow work to convince new people to try our software. So now i have installed netframework 3. With the share button we will provide you with some HTML code that tiviacam can copy and paste to embed your Tibia movies right inside your MySpace page or any other web page!

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Joined Feb 6, Messages Best answers 0 Reaction score 0. The most important change is higher resolution and higher quality videos. Thread starter krille09 Start date Feb 26, Each uploaded recording is scanned and added to our database.


Tibiacam or xp counter do not really give you an advantage in the gameplay itself. Tobiacam can click on it to go to Softpedia’s website and read the complete report.

TibiaCam TV Pro Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/ (64 bit/32 bit) | QP Download

This is made by you or some one else? We are tired of poor helpless Tibians being killed by Orshabaal and his minions. I’m going to trust you Jester, it looks great something speciall i need to do? Question I’m not like the most skilled computer dude but, when I’m starting it up and putting like a tibiacam file in some map, but when i click on there i can’t find it, It doesn’t exists same as many other files.


June 26th, Awesome Loot Collection In a bit of showing off, Achon Elaw shows us a collection of rares worth millions. Well, this is a great tool which can be used to record movies with your Tibia client.