New in Stock – Dodo Beach. Last June i moved to Germany, i live in Wegberg now, a small town next to the Dutch Border, i’ve got an appartement with my girl, and it’s actually after 2 months finally finished we had to wait for the kitchen, for all the german people, never order a kitchen at shaffrath, or how you spell it. We crossed New York city, saw Manhattan from a distance, it was a nice ride. Good job, this will explain why there would be no crowd, we had fun and free drinks, but it was kinda useless. Neuroimaging scans were collected on a 3. Over mij timvantol Mijn volledige profiel weergeven. Abstracts – European Association for Palliative Care ; of the subcutaneous route, improvements in the assessment and management of

tim vantol road sweet road

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Der Rock-Troubadour aus Amsterdam begeistert sein stetig. So yeah i live in Germany now, i’ve to speak german, which sounds ridicolous and mostly people are laughing when i try to speak german, but at least i try.

Road Sweet Road Lyrics

The album is only available on vinyl or as a download. Before we say goodbye we are playing all together at the Basement of roda guy called Paul Blast, nice guy, but not that many people. Tim Vantol – Road Sweet Road. Over mij timvantol Mijn volledige profiel weergeven.

tim vantol road sweet road

But the guys from DFC putted us up for a show anyway. But luckily there where nice bands and guys playing, and at the end all the little drugged kids where doing some synchronal throwing-up sessions. Nothing on this album really stuck with me, but it’s worth a listen if you’re into Vantol or this style of music. We decided to get some drinks for the night, which will promise us a funny night. The set was okay, it was nice. Adobe and Teardrops ; It’ll be out on vinyl and digital in earlyand you’ll certainly be hearing more about it here.


tim vantol road sweet road vinyl

Neuroimaging scans were collected on a 3. It’s all about music! Abstracts – European Association for Palliative Care ; of the subcutaneous route, improvements in the assessment and management of This variation presumably goes a long way to explaining the I had a conversation with this guy, which actually ended up nowhere, talked about him who wanna to join the air force, but at the same time he agreed that the missions right now where some kind of bullshit, but at the other side he agreed and then not and then he did, and he asked me if I was more pro Russia or USA.

Actually having a piss is not good either, it will splash out of the toilet and will hit the ground and if you are lucky and wearing short pants…… Nobody could give me a good reason.

Yeah good luck in the Air Force, with your drinking and drugs problem. So yeah where were we I actually never finished my story from the states, i got it somewhere on my computer i think.

He told swfet he liked the song sweet home Alabama, so I grabbed a guitar took it outside, before I know, we were singin old songs together with 15 man outside, it was amazing, these moments make it worth to tour, these are the moments which will stay with me for a while.

A pinch of Tim Burton, a little neo-folk and a whole lot of hate and horror! Which turned out really good, it was a good night, around 50 people, we got some money for the gas. roae


Road Sweet Road (Tim Vantol) – GetSongBPM

It’s quiet here, and i mis the good old times, but things are changing anyway and we’ve to accept it. Released in May on Shield catalog no. New in Stock – Dodo Vabtol.

tim vantol road sweet road

As soon as we arrived I thought I was in the middle of vantil drug edition of my sweet sixteen. Kids screaming for attention and saying bullshit all the time and wasting their lives away.

After that we are heading for a sweett hour drive at night to Johnstown to Chris his house. So we left the hotel and went towards New Jersey, where we are going to play at the Millhill basement.

Even more things happened in my personal life, offcourse i won’t share all, but some of the things i can share. I did some small tour and some nice festivals this summer. Released 19 April catalog no. Woke up in this hotel, had a good night, had some breakfast, not without noises, the fire alarm went off twice because I was toasting my bagels.

Reduced sensitivity for sweet and salt taste and altered perception for Afterwards we go to the music shop where Luke will buy his sweer, lovely piece of instrument.