You can check this I think XE is very similar to D Am I to take this as no one ever moved back? I am really in hopes of using your changes. Reply to this Thread. I wanted to change button sizes proportionally to the screen dpi, and replace to larger icons in hi-dpi screen modes.

toolbar2000 delphi

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I just tried it and it went totally smooth.

Menus and Toolsbars (Delphi)

Then you can do whatever you want commercially with it. Sergey Tkachenko Sergey Tkachenko wrote: But how do i get the skins working? Plugins usually need to have a way to add controls i.

The other plugin included in the UI demo does all the work of adding menus and toolbars through code instead.

toolbar2000 delphi

Thanks again for your input! Back to Thread List.

toolbar2000 delphi

Vertical text on vertically-docked toolbars. It is Toolbar based too, so, probably, a conversion would be more easy than to other library. The installation folder will end up with this files: Drop a control on the toolbar and set the control’s Align property to alClient or set the Anchors property to include akRight. Apr 2, Toolbars that go partially off the edge of the form can display a chevron button that brings up a popup window exposing the obscured items.


This code is used in that event:.

The fifth component in the palette is the “Plugin Control Repository”, which you will use inside your visual and non-visual plugins. Both Visual and NonVisual plugins provide an ability to define a set of actions as well as toolbar and menu items that will automatically be loaded and displayed by a Delphi host application.

Sign up using Email and Password. UseLegacyActions is disabled by default, so if you are migrating from a previous version and you don’t want to rewrite your actions handling code, you will need to set this property to true or your del;hi handler will not be executed by the host.

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Sorry, it was my fault. SpTBX may be more up to date, the screen shots on the website seem to be from Vista times, though. I’ve upgraded everything to Unicode in the past and Delphi 10 Seattle more recently and it’s working OK.


Email Required, but never shown. May the source be with you. You can download the 2. Am I to take this as no one ever moved back?

How can I custom paint a control or toolbar item? Toolbar under Delphi XE? DLL update is required. There are some problems with compiling the new version Register Register your copy of Toolbar required for commercial usage.

Tooblar2000 “Actions” demo that comes with Hydra provides a good showcase for the new user interface functionality. As I can see in its release history, it supports Delphi themes. How do I get toobar2000 of the button’s focus rectangle? And the licensing sounds.